Scientology in the UK Media: 1997

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"Scientology is no Sainsbury's - it is a vast exercise in self-promotion and networking which robs the vulnerable of their dignity and more, peddling in return a pseudo-science that would look ludicrous in a Star Trek script."
-Michael Gove in the Times

This symbol *** indicates articles I particularly recommend. For general critical information on Scientology, see Operation Clambake.

Guardian 04/Jan/1997 A mind-bending experience by the manager of the Incredible String Band
Daily Telegraph 10/Jan/1997 US stars accuse Bonn of Nazi view on Scientology
Times 10/Jan/1997 A sect fit for the starry-eyed A guest editorial by Michael Gove
Times 10/Jan/1997 Fast-growing sect wins credibility in Britain
Independent 10/Jan/1997 Stars attack Germany's stance on ScientologyCelebrities write to Chancellor Kohl about treatment of Scientologists
BBC Newsnight 10/Jan/1997 Item about the open letter to Chancellor Kohl
Times 10/Jan/1997 Stars accuse Germany of persecuting Scientologists
Independent 11/Jan/1997 Another Planet Scathing opinion piece by a Jewish writer about the Bertram Fields letter alleging persecution in Germany
Independent 11/Jan/1997 In the temples of Hollywood, they like to look after the stars of Scientology A columnist comments on the background of Bertram Fields' complaints about Scientology's treatment in Germany.
Independent 11/Jan/1997 Angry Germany points to the past Several groups in Germany, including jewish groups, react to the Scientologists' claims to being persecuted like 1930s jews.
Observer 12/Jan/1997 Faith, hope and... The Church of Scientology The application for charity status
The Observer 12/Jan/1997 [Richard Ingrams column]Approving reaction to the German treatment of Scientology
Sunday Times 12/Jan/1997 Herr Paranoiac and the mind-benders from Hollywood- an analysis of the conflict with Germany
Independent 13/Jan/1997 Letter: Scientology ban helps democracy A letter from a Tobias Schumacher defends the German policy on Scientologists in the civil service.
The Times 14/Jan/1997 Letter from Timothy Kirkhope, Home Office Minister
The Observer 19/Jan/1997 [Richard Ingrams column]Ingrams comments scathingly on the life of L. Ron Hubbard having read "Bare-faced Messiah"
Sunday Times 19/Jan/1997 *** Hounded by the church of stars and hype Extensive reporting about the harassment of Bonnie Woods
Observer 26/Jan/1997 Sect's Appeal A Pendennis column
Guardian 28/Jan/1997 US clashes with Bonn in Scientology Row
Times 28/Jan/1997 Bonn Accuses America of Swallowing Scientologists' Propaganda Line
Independent 28/Jan/1997 US 'Anti-Scientology' Campaign
Independent 30/Jan/1997 Germany is harassing Scientologists, says US US State Department accuses Germany of discrimination against Scientologists
Daily Telegraph 28/Jan/1997 Bonn Attacked for Harassment
Economist 01/Feb/1997 A German eye on Scientology Lengthy analysis of Germany's reaction to charges of persecution from Scientologists.
Observer 02/Feb/1997 Adverts - Smiley People Review of the "trust" television advert
Daily Telegraph 18/Feb/1997 German policy on Scientology 'not comparable to Holocaust'
Guardian 21/Feb/1997 Film Charts Comment on the popularity of Scientology stars.
Daily Mail 01/Mar/1997 The community chest: village has a £175,000 whip-round to buy up property earmarked for ex-junkies Report on the Yorkshire village of Burton Leonard and its successful attempt to repel the Scientology front group Narconon
Guardian 01/Mar/1997 Village unites to gazump Scientologists Burton Leonard prevents Narconon from buying a local nursing home
Daily Telegraph 01/Mar/1997 Village raises £175,000 to stop centre for addicts More about Burton Leonard
Glasgow Herald 01/Mar/1997 Villagers Unite to Secure Crown
Daily Telegraph 03/Mar/1997 Foiled charity looks for new drug centre Front-group Narconon's search for a new home after closure in Dover and failure in Burton Leonard.
The Big Issue 03/Mar/1997 On the edge
Broadcast 07/Mar/1997 Carlton Pays Damages For Big Story Programme makers pay libel damages to individual Scientologist
Daily Telegraph 03/Apr/1997 Foiled charity keeps up property search Narconon's search for a new base after rejection by Burton Leonard
Daily Echo (South coast) 15/Apr/1997 Protest against Scientologists About the surprise picket of the Poole mission
Evening Echo (Bournemouth) 17/Apr/1997 Scientologists in School Campaign South coast schools react to attempts to persuade them to teach Dianetics.
East Grinstead Courier 12/June/1997 Family tries to free 'hostage' from cult The Fortune family from Ireland picket Saint Hill to demand the return of Odhran. Scientology retaliates by seeking an injunction to keep them out.
East Grinstead Courier 12/June/1997 Fatal Smash on A22 A young Scientologist and pupil of Greenfields School dies in a car crash on the way to Saint Hill.
Sunday Mail (Scotland) 03/Aug/1997 Cult Lures Prison Beasts Criminon UK's attempt to recruit highly dangerous criminals from Scottish prisons.
The Scotsman 05/Aug/1997 A religion, a cult or profits for a false prophet? Very critical look at Scientology in Scotland, with quotes from both sides.
Wales on Sunday 26/Oct/1997 Screen stars in cult concert Mentions a charity evening at Saint Hill hosted by Scientology celebrities.
The Scotsman 07/Nov/1997 German high court balks at ruling on Scientology Comments on Scientology's situation in Germany, including allegations of propety fraud.
Independent on Sunday 09/Nov/1997 Travolta begs Channel 4 not to attack Scientology
Independent on Sunday 09/Nov/1997 *** Why Channel 4 is haunted by Scientology Intimidation and harassment of the Secret Lives documentary film crew
Secret Lives (Channel 4) 19/Nov/1997 *** L Ron Hubbard (biography) Lengthy biographic documentary, featuring interviews with several close associates of Hubbard as well as archive footage and documents.
Independent on Sunday 19/Nov/1997 TV reviews (in the IOS Magazine) Preview of Channel 4's biography of L Ron Hubbard
Guardian 19/Nov/1997 The Guide: TV preview Short commentary on Channel 4's Secret Lives documentary.
Daily Mail 19/Nov/1997 Best Profile Short review of the Secret Lives documentary.
Daily Telegraph 20/Nov/1997 *** Detective on trail of TV pair Very good summary of the intimidation tactics used by Scientology against the team who made a Channel 4 documentary on the life of L Ron Hubbard.
Radio Guildford 20/Dec/1997 [Studio debate about Narconon] John Wood, the UK president of Narconon, defends the organisation from accusations that its methods of treatment for drug addiction are ineffective and that the group is a recruitment front for Scientology.