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"The liberal tendency in freedom of religion is to err on the side of neutrality, to accept as religious anything anyone says is religious. But this allows organisations with worldly dynamism (networks, wealth, an agenda and a willingness to play hardball with dissident members and sceptical outsiders) to claim protections designed for unworldly churches."
-Christopher Caldwell in the Financial Times

This symbol *** indicates articles I particularly recommend. For general critical information on Scientology, see Operation Clambake.

Daily Telegraph 07/Jan/2008 Tom Cruise 'Scientology second-in-command'Claim by biographer Andrew Morton
The Times 07/Jan/2008 Cruise not our No 2, say Scientologists
Daily Mail 07/Jan/2008 Diana author names Tom Cruise as 'World Number Two in Scientology'
The Independent 07/Jan/2008 Cruise is second most powerful Scientologist, Morton book claims
Reuters UK 07/Jan/2008 Tom Cruise's lawyer calls book "sick stuff"
The Sun 07/Jan/2008 Is Tom Mr Big in alien church?
Daily Express 13/Jan/2008 Scientologists To Marry BritneyCelebrity gossip about Britney Spears
Sky News (24-hour news channel) returned to the topic of the leaked Tom Cruise video several times over the course of the 16th January, with different guests each time. Some extracts were captured and made it to YouTube, below.
Sky News 16/Jan/2008 [coverage of Tom Cruise video, part 1]Martin Poulter comments on the leaked video
Sky News 16/Jan/2008 [coverage of Tom Cruise video, part 2]
Sky News 16/Jan/2008 [coverage of Tom Cruise video, part 3]Ex-scientologist Arnie Lerma is interviewed
Sky News 16/Jan/2008 Tom Cruise video leak on web: can Scientology delete it?Media lawyer Mark Stephens explains how Scientology's censorship attempts are counterproductive.
Daily Mail 16/Jan/2008 Tom Cruise's Scientology rant: 'It's a blast - we can change the world'
BBC News 16/Jan/2008 Cruise Scientology video leaked[web site item: not clear if it was used in broadcasts]
More 4 News 16/Jan/2008 [Item on Tom Cruise video]
Daily Mirror 16/Jan/2008 Tom Cruise's bizarre rant
The Guardian 17/Jan/2008 Tom's medal for services to ScientologyTom Cruise's Freedom Medal of Valor revealed in leaked video
Press Association 17/Jan/2008 Tom Cruise Scientology video leakedPublished in the Daily Record (Scotland) as "Cruise In Video Scientology Rant"
The Times 17/Jan/2008 Tom Cruise Scientology video tops Oprah moment[Not clear if this online article also appeared in the paper edition]
Daily Telegraph 17/Jan/2008 Tom Cruise Scientology video leaked on web
The Independent 17/Jan/2008 The Big Question: What is Scientology, and why have Tom Cruise's claims for it rebounded?A primer on Scientology in question-and-answer format
Belfast Telegraph 17/Jan/2008 The Big Question: What is Scientology, and why have Tom Cruise's claims for it rebounded?Reprint of the Independent article
The Independent 17/Jan/2008 Scientologists try to block Cruise YouTube rant
Daily Express 17/Jan/2008 Tom Cruise: Only Scientology can help people
Daily Mail 17/Jan/2008 As his bizarre Scientology video is revealed - is Tom Cruise out of control? / Profile: Church of Scientology's efforts to block Tom Cruise video rant backfire
Daily Record (Scotland) 17/Jan/2008 Bid To Block Cruise Rant Video Fails
Daily Mirror 19/Jan/2008 Tom Cruise in 9/11 'lies' web rant
BBC News 19/Jan/2008 Cruise producer slams 'prejudice'Web item(?): Paula Wagner defends her business partner
Financial Times 19/Jan/2008 Confusion over Scientology
Sunday Times 20/Jan/2008 Scientologists enlist police to push antidrugs drive in schoolMisleading leaflets promoting Narconon issued to police to distribute to schools
The Guardian 21/Jan/2008 German historian likens Cruise speech to GoebbelsComparisons between leaked Scientology video and Nazi propaganda
The Times 21/Jan/2008 German historian compares Tom Cruise speech to Goebbels
Metro 21/Jan/2008 Tom Cruise compared to Nazi Goebbels
Daily Mail 22/Jan/2008 Scientologists hit back at German newspaper over Cruise-Goebbels comparison
The Sun 22/Jan/2008 Scientology secrets revealedScientology reporter takes a bootleg video of the Orientation promotional video
The Times 23/Jan/2008 Is Scientology dangerous?Feature article apparently based entirely on Scientology promotional material
The Times Online 23/Jan/2008 The Law Explored: the law and ScientologyScantily researched summary of some legal cases involving Scientology by Gary Slapper of the Open University. No mention of Operation Snow White or the Latey judgement
NB: whether by heavy editing or slapdash research, the above article misrepresented the legal history of Scientology in the UK. See my open letter to Prof. Slapper
Sky News 24/Jan/2008 Anonymous Vs. Scientology: Can we stop the online hackers?A computer security expert talks about Denial of Service Attacks being used against the Scientology web site
The Times 25/Jan/2008 Web vigilantes attack Scientology website The "Anonymous" hacker group declaring war on Scientology
York Press 25/Jan/2008 'Celeb' church opens in York Opening of a Church of Scientology Mission of York
The Register 25/Jan/2008 Critics split over DDoS attacks on ScientologyVeteran critics of Scientology clash with early Anonymous over tactics
The Economist 31/Jan/2008 Fair Game: An online onslaught against Scientology
Felix (Imperial College student newspaper) 01/Feb/2008 Anonymous posters on campusStudents put up posters in advance of the 10th February protest
The Guardian 04/Feb/2008 Hackers declare war on Scientologists amid claims of heavy-handed Cruise controlA new wave of online and street protests against Scientology
The Telegraph 04/Feb/2008 Hackers wage web war on Scientologists
Metro 04/Feb/2008 Scientology under attack from online hackers
The Telegraph 05/Feb/2008 Bad publicity 'helps Scientology recruitment'Janet Laveau claims that the Church is receiving more inquiries as a result of recent coverage.
Edinburgh Evening News 07/Feb/2008 Demo against Scientology
The Observer 10/Feb/2008 Why Tom Cruise would love our courtsOpinion column by Nick Cohen on Anonymous versus Scientology
Central News (Midlands local TV) 10/Feb/2008 [item about Birmingham protest]Dozens of Anonymous protestors, one of whom is interviewed
The Press (York) 10/Feb/2008 Protesters in 'church' fight Anonymous picket of the York branch of Scientology
The Sun 11/Feb/2008 Scientology Protest Drama
The Scotsman 11/Feb/2008 Masked protesters hike up pressure on Scientologists
The Herald (Plymouth) 13/Feb/2008 Masked Protest at Church of Scientology
Daily Telegraph 14/Feb/2008 What do Tom Cruise and John Travolta know about Scientology that we don't?Lengthy investigative article
Felix (Imperial College student newspaper) 15/Feb/2008 An Anonymous protest: page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4A lengthy report of the 10th February London protest with many photographs
New Statesman (Faith Column online)18/Feb/2008 A Journey into ScientologyGushing positive testimonial from OT6 Kenneth Eckersley
Daily Mail 19/Feb/2008 Tom Cruise cuddles up to a brunette who is NOT wife Katie HolmesCelebrity gossip refers in passing to German condemnation of Scientology
New Statesman (Faith Column online)19/Feb/2008 Scientology in SocietyContinuing Kenneth Eckersley's series of articles
Nouse (York University student newspaper) 20/Feb/2008 Anonymous: Inside the war on ScientologyThorough investigation of Anonymous and its claims
New Statesman (Faith Column online) 20/Feb/2008 Hubbard's aims
New Statesman (Faith Column online) 22/Feb/2008 The Scientologist understanding of human rights
BBC Radio 4 01/Mar/2008 From Our Own Correspondentitem in which John Sweeney reports on the death of Shawn Lonsdale, whom he interviewed last year for Panorama
Metro 04/Feb/2008 Travolta's Scientology rehab curePro-Scientology quotes from various celebrities
Metro 05/Feb/2008 Church under fireTwo readers' letters to the editor
News of the World 09/Mar/2008 Cruise Control: Scientology insider reveals the bizarre truth about superstar's cult-like "religion"Allegations from a former Scientologist about the cult's effect on Tom Cruise's private life
The Register 12/Mar/2008 Wikileaks exposes Scientology's zeal to 'clean up rotten spots of society'Billion-dollar contract and other materials are leaked online
Daily Star 16/Mar/2008 Stars Face Science FrictionAnonymous is described as a "sinister protest group"
Plymouth Herald 17/Mar/2008 Masked City Protesters Target Church Of ScientologyFormer member Daniella Gibbs joins the Anonymous protest to speak out
Sunderland Echo 17/Mar/2008 Fawcett Street protest at church's preachingsAnonymous versus Scientology on the streets of Sunderland
Birmingham Mail 17/Mar/2008 Masked protest at "Cruise church"
The Register 17/Mar/2008 Scientologists fight back against AnonymousThe Church's attempts at retaliation fail to stop another global wave of protests
Daily Mail 18/Mar/2008 Cruise is at it again in yet another wacky Scientology videoLeaked video of birthday party aboard Scientology's Freewinds
The Guardian 19/Mar/2008 Taking the RickArticle about the Rick-Rolling phenomenon and its use by Anonymous
Birmingham Mail 03/Apr/2008 Scientologist 'Cult' sets up HQ in Birmingham; Sidebar: L Ron Hubbard, the sci-fi writer behind theories of pain and evil; Sidebar: Scientology's list of celebrity support; Scans: a, b, c Front page article: Controversy as Scn announces plan for its second biggest building in the country in Moseley, Birmingham. Brief mention of Anonymous
Plymouth Herald 04/Apr/2008 Be More OpenLetter from a member of the public raising questions about Scientology controversy
Daily Star 04/Apr/2008 Alien cult moves in Purchase of a building in Moseley, Birmingham
Daily Star 06/Apr/2008 Strain Man- Death Threats To Cruise And Scientology Chums article based largely on Scientology press releases
Sunday Express 06/Apr/2008 A wholly unorthodox attack on Scientology; Scans a, bFront of Review section
Edinburgh Evening News 08/Apr/2008 Protesters plan Scientology demonstrationAnonymous Scotland announces Operation Reconnect for Edinburgh city centre
The Register 08/Apr/2008 Scientology threatens Wikileaks with injunctionLawyers react to Wikileaks hosting of Scientology-related documents
Sunday Times 13/Apr/2008 Rick Astley ClicksThe RickRolling phenomenon explained, including its use in Anonymous protests
The Observer 13/Apr/2008 Scientologists' HQ under siegeBrief report on the Anonymous protest at the City of London building (no mention of the Tottenham Court Road protest that took place the same day)
Birmingham Mail 14/Apr/2008 Demo against church moveAnonymous protests in Central Birmingham as part of Operation Reconnect
BBC Radio 4 14/Apr/2008 PM: Scientology and WikiLeaksWhistleblower site Wikileaks releases huge volumes of Scientology internal documents
Times Online 17/Apr/2008 TV actor Jason Beghe attacks Scientology in YouTube videoFormer Scientology spokesman speaks out against the group in very strong terms
Times Online 18/Apr/2008 Jason Beghe Scientology video removed from YouTubeYouTube video is removed after receiving nearly 600,000 views
The Guardian 18/Apr/2008 Lifting the lid on Scientology's celebritiesComment on Jason Beghe's allegations and the Scientology practice of recruiting celebrities
The Register 24/Apr/2008 Anti-Scientology crusader vaporized from YouTubeMark Bunker's YouTube account cancelled
The Register 02/May/2008 YouTube rolls out Scientology double standardScientology allowed to re-launch their YouTube channel despite apparent violations of terms
Daily Star 11/May/2008 Tom put on cruise alertScientology ship the Freewinds is impounded because of asbestos
Now Magazine 12/May/2008 Tom Cruise urged to seek medical help after asbestos scareVisitors to the Freewinds at risk of severe illness
The Register 14/May/2008 Google kills Anonymous AdSense accountScientology was funding the Enturbulation dicussion boards via Google ads until the Church complained
SchNEWS (Brighton activist newsletter) 16/May/2008 Sects and the City: Cult friction as police harass anti-Scientology protestUse of the word "cult" by Anonymous in the City of London is restricted by the police
The Guardian 19/May/2008 Will Smith funds school teaching Scientology creator's study method
The Guardian 20/May/2008 Teenager faces prosecution for calling Scientology 'cult'EpicNoseGuy, an Anonymous protestor, has his sign confiscated by City of London police. Online-only item
The Register 20/May/2008 *** Teen battles City of London cops over anti-Scientology placard Excellent round-up of the EpicNoseGuy placard censorship issue
Daily Telegraph 21/May/2008 Church of Scientology: Boy faces court for 'cult not religion' placardVarious authorities weigh in on the prohibition of the word "cult"
Daily Telegraph 21/May/2008 Scientology arrest makes a mockery of the lawOpinion column by George Pitcher
BBC Breakfast (TV) 21/May/2008 [Item about the Anonymous protests and censorship of the word "cult"]
Daily Mirror 21/May/2008 Teenager to face prosecution for calling Scientology a cult
Press Association newswire21/May/2008 Teen's appeal in placard probe
The Scotsman 21/May/2008 Scientology protestor appealVery short item (possibly online only)
Daily Mail 21/May/2008 Teenager, 15, facing prosecution for holding a sign labelling Scientology 'a cult'
Metro 21/May/2008 Teen in trouble for calling Scientology 'a cult'
BBC News online21/May/2008 Protest teenager may face chargesThis item seems to have been prepared by the London local news team - not clear if used in broadcasts
BBC London News (TV) 21/May/2008 [Item about EpicNoseGuy] Two-and-a-half-minute report in the evening local news programme (briefly mentioned again in the 10pm news)
Daily Mail 23/May/2008 Case dropped against boy, 15, who held up sign branding Scientology 'a cult'
The Register 23/May/2008 City anti-Scientology protestor avoids court summons
The Guardian 23/May/2008 Schoolboy avoids prosecution for branding Scientology a 'cult'
BBC London 23/May/2008 No charges over Scientology demoWe hear from Liberty and from EpicNoseGuy's mother
Rye & Battle Observer 23/May/2008 No prosecution for scientology 'cult' protest boy
Worthing Herald 23/May/2008 Liberty anger after scientology protest case droppedLiberty spokesman expresses dissatisfaction that EpicNoseGuy was threatened with court
Bexhill-on-Sea Observer 23/May/2008 No prosecution for scientology 'cult' protest boy
Press Association newswire23/May/2008 Liberty backs 'cult' boy case
The London Daily News 23/May/2008 'Free speech victory' in Scientology protestArticle with photo from February 10th London protest
The Guardian 23/May/2008 The cult of free speechGuest opinion column from James Welch of Liberty in the online-only "Comment is Free" section.
The Guardian 24/May/2008 Intergalactic tyrants beware: the boys in blue are after youOpinion column by Marina Hyde about City of London Police's liaison with Scientology "community leaders"
The Times 26/May/2008 C-word incident makes me cringe with shameopinion column by Caitlin Moran
Edinburgh Evening News 27/May/2008 Protesters celebrate city's 'cult' stancePolice and council in Edinburgh reaffirm their commitment to free speech for anti-Scientology protestors
Sunday Herald (Scotland) 01/Jun/2008 Anger as police ban placards branding Scientology a cultStrathclyde Police ban the word "cult" from Anonymous protests in Glasgow
Marie Claire 02/Jun/2008 Will Smith's Scientology schoolSmith's funding of the New Village Academy
Daily Echo (Dorset) 03/Jun/2008 In Ron They Trust
Edinburgh Evening News 03/Jun/2008 Mixed feelings in cult disputeShort note commenting on different reactions of Glasgow and Edinburgh police to Anonymous
East Grinstead Courier 05/Jun/2008 Police Request For Placard Removal Posted On UtubeAbout the Anonymous protest in East Grinstead on the 31st. YouTube is written as "Utube" throughout for some reason.
Kerrang! Radio 10/Jun/2008 [Interview with Chris Wrapson of the Birmingham Org, plus phone-in]Mostly sympathetic interview in which Wrapson claims that Scientology is officially recognised as a religion
More4 (TV)12/Jun/2008 More4 News: "How free is religious debate?"Detailed report about how the police around the UK, using vaguely phrased legislation, are clamping down on Anonymous protests, with some footage from East Grinstead and Birmingham.
BBC Radio 2 14/Jun/2008 The Russell Brand ShowWill Self briefly talks about Scientology
The Times 20/Jun/2008 Scientology: the Anonymous protestorsProbably the most detailed mainstream piece about the aims, tactics and background of the Anonymous protests
The Guardian 21/Jun/2008 Will and disgraceCollection of tidbits about Will Smith mentions his attempt to recruit film crew into Scientology
University Radio York 23/Jun/2008 [Documentary about Anonymous and Scientology in York]
The Scotsman 24/Jun/2008 Wake up and smell the boozeOpinion column briefly mentions Scientology's suppression of free speech
Birmingham Mail 26/Jun/2008 Church of Scientology deal funds blowScientology says it needs more money to buy new building in Birmingham
Metro 30/Jun/2008 Will Smith to build a schoolWill Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith fund the New Village Academy
Sky News 01/Jul/2008 Actor Smith in Scientology rowSchool funded by Will Smith denies being a front for Scientology
The Times 01/Jul/2008 Will Smith's school deserves to avoid cult statusOpinion column about Will Smith's school
The Argus (Sussex)09/Jul/2008 Scientology targets city"Cult on lookout for new base to increase its foothold in the South"
Western Mail (Wales) 14/Jul/2008 Shock therapys still being used in Wales Scientology front group CCHR are among the opinions in a long article about Electro-Convulsive Therapy
Sheffield Telegraph 14/Jul/2008 Church group slams 'waste'Short item about how Scientology-backed front groups deny that psychiatric conditions exist
Sunday Sun [North West regional paper] 03/Aug/2008 Comics' ratings therapyMention of Narconon in short item about TV stars Ant and Dec
The Register 04/Aug/2008 Anonymous relaunches fight against ScientologyA shift in tactics is announced
The Register 15/Aug/2008 Google murders second Anonymous AdSense accountGoogle shuts down the AdSense account of another anti-Scientology site.
Wales on Sunday 17/Aug/2008 Lily's right on song to upset BNPRound-up by regular columnist includes short mention of Scientology's mailing of publicity DVDs to every member of the Welsh Assembly
GWR Radio [West of England local radio] 22/Aug/2008 [morning item]Mention of Scientology's apparent intention to open a "church" in Bristol
The Times 26/Aug/2008 The Web watcher: Tom Cruise and other bad ideasOpinion column jokes about Tom Cruise's birthday party
The Observer 31/Aug/2008 Did I say that? Tom Cruise, Actor, 46Various quotes from Cruise's life, including some of his promotion of Scientology
New Humanist Sep-Oct/2008 UnmaskedLong article about Anonymous with some Old Guard interviews
The Register 04/Sep/2008 Anonymous fights Scientology in schoolsGlobal protest with theme "Operation: School's Closed"
The Register 09/Sep/2008 Scientology critics fight YouTube takedown noticesThousands of anti-CoS videos are taken down after complaints
Woman magazine 15/Sep/2008 "I had a baby to escape Scientologists" Page 1 Page 2Astra Woodcraft tells her story
The Times (Online) 13/Sep/2008 I didnt get where I am today without...Interview with Juliette Lewis in which she praises Narconon
The Guardian 17/Sep/2008 "I'm a man-loving feminist"Juliette Lewis praises Scientology in an interview
New Statesman 18/Sep/2008 Time to Take NoticeBecky Hogge of the Open Rights Group explains how the copyright law enables corporations such as the Church of Scientology to censor the internet
The Firm magazine 22/Sep/2008 Arrested ProgressA report on free speech in the UK mentions the Epic Nose Guy case
The Independent 04/Oct/2008 Richard Ingrams' Week: My friend Claud, and advice the high street might heedOpinion columnist compares Scientology to the Nazis
Sunday Mirror 05/Oct/2008 Scientologists call Amy Winehouse to offer their helpCelebrity centre recommends Narconon treatment for the singer
The Register 06/Oct/2008 Anonymous plans zombie Scientology protestOctober global protest theme involves zombies
Edinburgh News 09/Oct/2008 Protest threat as Scientologists set up tent 'mission' on Princes StreetA Volunteer Ministers tent sets up in central Edinburgh
The Register 17/Oct/2008 US teen admits to 'Anonymous' DDoS attack on ScientologyDmitriy Guzner pleads guilty to denial-of-service attack on Scientology sites
Computer Weekly 21/Oct/2008 Cyber attacker faces 10 years in prison for hitting ScientologistsDmitriy Guzner pleads guilty to denial-of-service attack on Scientology sites
The Inquirer 24/Oct/2008 Anti Scientology activist off the hook. Sort ofNews of the case against Gregg Housh in Boston
The Sun 01/Nov/2008 I'd have killed for Cruise cultFormer Sea Org member John Duignan describes his experience
The Scotsman 22/Nov/2008 Scientology 'lousy' but not worth banGermany drops plan to ban Scientology 01/Dec/2008 Cruise Hits Back in Scientology Book RowCruise and Amazon deny that Cruise influenced the bookshop to withdraw the book The Complex
The Guardian 04/Dec/2008 How Scientologists pressurise publishers"Books blog" online item, not part of the official content of the paper. Author David V Barrett writes about Scientology's history of stifling critical books, including his own.
The Independent on Sunday 21/Dec/2008 Tom Cruise and the world of 'E-meter'-wielding ScientologistsUndercover reporter poses as an aspiring actor in Hollywood.

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