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"Scientology works on a strictly hierarchical basis. All through my membership, I was told there was a revelation I was being built up to, Hubbard's theory of creation. When I became privy to the details of the story, I was shocked that this was the carrot on a stick that had kept me with the organisation for so long."
-John Duignan, author of The Complex, quoted in The Independent

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The Times 06/Jan/2009 Scientology row over Jett Travolta as post mortem reveals he died of seizure
Daily Mail 10/Jan/2009 Did Travolta's weird faith seal his son's fate?Speculation about how the Travoltas' Scientology beliefs (including antipathy to psychiatry) may have contributed to the death of their son Jett. This was withdrawn from circulation.
The Times 11/Jan/2009 Scientology 'in denial' of illness, says Travolta's mentor
Reuters 18/Jan/2009 Tom Cruise says grew up wanting to kill HitlerSome of the controversy about "Valkyrie"'s filming in Germany
The Independent 23/Jan/2009 Tom Cruise is in controlInterview in which the star refuses to talk about Scientology
The Times 24/Jan/2009 Fears of Scientology 'plot' as Tom Cruise film Valkyrie takes cinemas by storm
The Independent 25/Jan/2009 Plot thickens in Travolta extortion case
The Times 30/Jan/2009 Simpsons producers 'have a cow' as Bart lends his voice to Scientologists
The Independent 21/Feb/2009 First person: I escaped Scientology after 22 yearsJohn Duignan, formerly of the Birmingham Org, describes how he left.
Daily Mail 23/Feb/2009 Katie Holmes looks even thinner after extreme dietCelebrity gossip
Daily Mail 01/Mar/2009 Katie Holmes skipped the Oscars 'after punishing detox left her lethargic'Celebrity gossip: Holmes on Purification Rundown
Daily Mail 02/Mar/2009 Frail and dishevelled Katie Holmes steps out for dinner... looking anything but A-list Celebrity gossip: effect of Purification Rundown on Katie Holmes
Daily Mail 07/Mar/2009 CPS gives Scientologists same legal protection as mainstream religionsCrown Prosecution Service includes Scientology in "faith hate" laws
Daily Mail 07/Mar/2009 Confessions of an erring wife, by Mrs Tom CruiseCelebrity gossip: Katie Holmes has to write weekly reports on her behaviour for her husband. Mention of Purification Rundown
The Scotsman 09/Mar/2009 Ditching the DetoxGeneral article about "detoxification" mentions Purification Rundown and Katie Holmes
Sunday People 22/Mar/2009 Cult probe on tragic mum JudeJude Richmond and daughter Millie die after seeking cure from Scientology for daughter's cerebral palsy
Daily Mail 13/Apr/2009 Suri Cruise to start five-days-a-week Scientology trainingRound-up of allegations of how Scientology procedures are applied in the Cruise family
Private Eye 17/Apr/2009 Cult Cock-OUPScathing review of the book "Scientology" edited by James Lewis
The Independent 18/Apr/2009 L Ron and the legend of XenuPart of a column by Richard Ingrams
The Star (South Yorkshire) 19/Apr/2009 Anger at tent set up by 'cult'Volunteer Ministers recruit in Sheffield
The Sunday Times 03/May/2009 New libel law is a threat to free speechSuspicion that Scientology and other groups will benefit from an Irish proposal for a Criminal Libel offence
NOW Magazine 09/May/2009 Stressed Katie Holmes 'cracking up'John Duignan is quoted
Channel 4 News 22/May/2009 Scientology trial set to begin6-minute TV item about trial in France
BBC News 25/May/2009 Scientology on trial in FranceOne-and-a-half-minute TV item with an online summary
The Telegraph 25/May/2009 Church of Scientology could be banned in France
The Telegraph 26/May/2009 Scientology on trial in Paris for 'ruin' of disciples
The Register 29/May/2009 Wikipedia bans Church of ScientologyA long Arbitration Committee case ends with the organisation's computers barred from editing the free encyclopedia.
The Guardian 29/May/2009 Wikipedia bans Church of Scientology from editing
Sky News 30/May/2009 Wikipedia To Block Edits By Scientologists (Youtube copy of broadcast)Web site and broadcast item
The Telegraph 30/May/2009 Church of Scientology members banned from editing WikipediaWikipedia's administrators clamp down on conflict of interest
The Independent 16/Jun/2009 Scientologists wanted me out, claims journalist sacked by Fox Roger Friedman dismissed by Fox after loudly criticising Cruise
Macclesfield Express 17/Jun/2009 Millionaire's death at 41Businessman and funder of Scientology's Manchester branch dies "suddenly" "after a 25-day fight"
The Guardian 22/Jun/2009 Scientology leader David Miscavige 'physically attacked staff'based on the "Truth rundown" series in the St. Petersburg Times, Florida
First Post 27/Jun/2009 Miscavige's reign of terror over ScientologyIn light of the St. Petersburg Times revelations, a psychoanalyst writes about how David Miscavige keeps control
British Journal of Psychiatry July/2009 Are you anti-psychiatry? (Volume 195, Issue 1. DOI: 10.1192/bjp.195.1.45 )A finals student reports an encounter with the Citizens' Commission for Human Rights
Daily Mail 25/Jul/2009 Is John Travolta cracking up? It's not just grief - and guilt - over his dead son that are tearing the actor apartRumours about Travolta in the aftermath of the death of his son Jett
Financial Times 01/Aug/2009 Dissenters transform the art of protestBrief interview with an Anonymous about the anti-Scientology protests in an article on activism
Now Magazine 02/Aug/2009 Rep: John Travolta is forever a ScientologistSpokesman denies rumours that Travolta is thinking of leaving
The Times 06/Aug/2009 Secret mission to expose L. Ron Hubbard as a fakePapers from the 1970s released from National Archives under Freedom of Information
The Telegraph 06/Aug/2009 Britain's secret mission to expose Scientology leader as 'fraud'Department of Health files on Hubbard released in response to Freedom of Information request
Sunday Times 09/Aug/2009 The new politics: no politicians and no clue, eitherBrief comment in opinion column by Rod Liddle
Woman 06/Oct/2009 Scientology's hidden tragediesRound of scientology controversies mentions Jett Travolta, Lisa McPherson, Astra Woodcraft and Gloria Lopez Scans:

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The Guardian 26/Oct/2009 Film-maker Paul Haggis quits Scientology over gay rights stance
Daily Telegraph 26/Oct/2009 Crash director Paul Haggis quits Church of Scientology over gay marriage opposition
BBC News 27/Oct/2009 Scientologists convicted of fraudOutcome of the French trial
BBC News 27/Oct/2009 Crash director quits ScientologyPaul Haggis publicly renounces the Church
The Guardian 27/Oct/2009 Scientology centres convicted of fraud in France
The Independent 27/Oct/2009 Church of Scientology convicted of fraudAssociated Press story from France
The Independent 27/Oct/2009 Oscar-winning director: why I'm leaving ScientologyPaul Haggis accuses the Church of homophobia
Daily Telegraph 27/Oct/2009 Church of Scientology in France convicted of fraud
The Independent 28/Oct/2009 Scientology fined £545,000 in first conviction for fraud
The Guardian 30/Oct/2009 Scientology faces multiple setbacks within one week
The Guardian 30/Oct/2009 The internet has done for Scientology. Could it rumble the Christians, too?Opinion column by Marina Hyde
The Independent 31/Oct/2009 We could learn a thing or two from the FrenchOpinion column by Richard Ingrams
Sunday Express 01/Nov/2009 The Truth About Peaches And The ScientologistsPeaches Geldof attends a celebrity ball hosted by the Church and claims to have been studying Scientology for two years
The Guardian 02/Nov/2009 Former Scientology members tell of group's efforts to track them downSt. Petersburg Times exposes the Church's actions against ex-members
Daily Express 08/Nov/2009 Labour Gives Scientologists Tax Breaks... Harriet Harman suggests putting Scientology on the same legal footing as mainstream religions
East Grinstead Observer13/Nov/2009 MP Soames fights use of grandfather in Scientology recruitment driveDescendent of Winston Churchill objects to use of his image in Scientology posters
Daily Telegraph 18/Nov/2009 Australian senator brands Scientology a 'criminal organisation' Senator Xenophon highlights some damaging allegations about the Church
The Guardian 18/Nov/2009 Scientology faces allegations of torture in Australia
The Observer 22/Nov/2009 Celebrities lead charge against ScientologyRound-up of recent troubles
The Independent on Sunday 22/Nov/2009 Ex-Scientologist sues the cult for loss of girlfriend and businessDavid Craig sues after being told that a custody dispute should be settled by Scientology's justice system
The Observer 22/Nov/2009 This much I know: Juliette LewisCelebrity spokesperson endorses Scientology again and denies that it steals money.
Sunday Telegraph 29/Nov/2009 How English Heritage snubbed the Scientologist founder L Ron HubbardA request for an offical Blue Plaque celebrating Hubbard is denied.
The Independent 30/Nov/2009 Leave Churchill out of Scientology, says familyWinston Churchill's descendants object to his image on Scientology publicity materials.
Times Online 14/Dec/2009 Nicole Kidman freezes out Andrew Marr on question of Scientology Actress refuses to discuss her past membership in TV interview
The Guardian Film Blog 23/Dec/2009 Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz have all to play for in Knight & DayMention of how Scientology has harmed Tom Cruise's career

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