Scientology in the UK Media: 2003

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"Not only is this leaflet unproductively hysterical in tone, but [it] contains inaccuracies which might be dangerous. [...] [Scientology's] right to distribute their leaflets should be balanced by a responsibility to ensure that the information is accurate."
-a comment on Narconon anti-drugs leaflets in the Kent and Sussex Courier

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Kent and Sussex Courier 07/Mar/2003 Letter: Be Careful Of Leaflets On DrugsA complaint about the dangerous inaccuracies of Narconon literature
The Telegraph 27/Mar/2003 Scientologist drug claim on poster is censuredScn unable to back up its claim of curing 250,000 drug addicts
The Guardian 27/Mar/2003 Cult church censured on drug adsAdvertising Standards Authority censures drug ads
The Register (online) 08/Sep/2003 Scientologists loses copyright caseAn appeal by Scientology in the case against Karin Spaink is denied
Peeblesshire News 12/Dec/2003 Charity's helping hand to rebuild addicts' livesEntirely credulous piece about Narconon and the Jive Aces

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