Scientology in the UK Media: 2000

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"A bunch of Americans went through my ethics file which I happened to see on a desk. It was slightly thinner than a phone directory and God knows what was in there. Every Scientologist has an ethics file, even if they just reply to an advertisement."
-Richard Ford quoted in the Evening Argus

This symbol *** indicates articles I particularly recommend For general critical information on Scientology, see Operation Clambake.

Guardian 23/Mar/2000 The gospel of the webA summary of Scientology's battle against the Internet
Evening Argus (Brighton) 13/May/2000 *** Inside the ScientologistsReporter infiltrates for six weeks, quotes internal documents and also interviews Bonnie Woods
Evening Standard (London) 25/May/2000 Travolta's Battle with new film Background on Scientology as well as a review of Battlefield Earth
Guardian 31/May/2000 Cult ClassicThe initial controversy over Battlefield Earth
Guardian 03/Jun/2000 Written Off (Reader's letter)A science fiction librarian damns Hubbard's recent work
Sunday Telegraph 04/Jun/2000 John Travolta, Ron's Man on EarthThe role of Scientology in Travolta's life and career
Evening Argus (Brighton) 08/Jun/2000 He's fighting his way slowly back from the brink of despairRichard Ford's experience of and escape from the cult
Evening Argus (Brighton) 16/Jun/2000 Feedback : Chris ChandlerResponse to a reader's complaint about a previous Argus investigation
Telegraph 30/Jul/2000 Scientologists seek religious status under European ActAn attempt to use the Human Rights Act to gain official recognition
Birmingham Post 01/Aug/2000 Scientologists' show aims to shed 'cult' imageLaunch of the What is Scientology? exhibition in central Birmingham
Evening Herald (Plymouth) 04/Sep/2000 Curiosity about Scientology draws church crowds The What is Scientology? Exhibition