Scientology in the UK Media: Pre-1980

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"The public has been hampered in its knowledge of scientology by the fact that so far as I can establish, on every occasion that the organisation has been named by a newspaper, that newspaper has been served with a writ of libel."
-Mr Peter Horden, MP: Parliamentary Debate, quoted in News of the World, 4 May 1969

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Daily Mail 22/Aug/66*** Minister is asked to investigate... The case of the processed woman Karen Henslow, a mentally ill woman, is told to "love death" and encouraged to disconnect from family and friends
The People 18/Feb/68 Unknown titleVoyage of the Royal Scotsman. Cited in A Piece of Blue Sky
East Grinstead Observer 13/Jun/68Scientology is slammed in court as 'evil cult' An ex-scientologist is declared a "suppressive person" and "fair game"
East Grinstead Courier 13/Jun/68Scientology 'Brainwash': JP's comment as ex-student is cleared of theft More about the case of Maurice Johnson
Sunday Express 14/Jul/68 Unknown titleScientologists boycott local businesses in East Grinstead. Cited in A Piece of Blue Sky
Scottish Daily Express 27/Jul/68 Mind cult hits backScientology statements react to Kenneth Robinson's denunciation
Daily Sketch 03/Aug/68 Unknown titleCited in A Piece of Blue Sky
Daily Mail 03/Aug/68 Unknown titleLRH's drug use and Swiss bank accounts exposed. Cited in A Piece of Blue Sky
Daily Mail 06/Aug/68 Unknown titleHubbard interviewed aboard the Royal Scotsman. Cited in A Piece of Blue Sky
Daily Telegraph 08/Aug/68 Scientology 'A High-price Racket'Paulette Cooper's article in Women's Wear Daily is quoted
Daily Mail 11/Aug/68 Unknown titleDeath of 35-year old scientologist James Stewart. Cited in A Piece of Blue Sky
The Times 13/Aug/68Head bars son of cult man Fonthill School refuses Neil Gaiman
The Times 19/Aug/68 Scientologists hear Hubbard messageA Scientology congress in Croydon
Sunday Times 17/Nov/68Over the side go the erring Scientologists
World in Action (Granada TV)?/?/68The Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard
News of the World 04/May/69 *** Bid to Muzzle us Fails Brief history of Scientology and its ill effects after its lawsuit against News of the World collapses
BBC TV 13/Nov/69 BBC News Short item on the Minister of Health's inquiry into Scientology
Sunday Times 5/Oct/69Revealed for the first time... The odd beginning of Ron Hubbard's careerHubbard's ties to Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons
BBC TV 14/Nov/69 BBC News Short item: High Court Judge rules that Scientology Chapel at East Grinstead is not a place of worship
BBC TV 21/Dec/70 BBC News In an interview, Geoffrey Johnson-Smith MP denies running a "witch-hunt" against Scientology
BBC TV 22/Dec/71 BBC News Foster Report recommends that practice of psychotherapy kept to professionally qualified people. Scientology spokesman David Gaiman interviewed.
The Times 23/Dec/71 QC criticizes ban on entry of foreign members but urges legislation on psychotherapySummary of Foster Report
The Times 23/Dec/71 What is Scientology? What can be doneEditorial
The Times 06/Jun/73Church of Scientology to pay libel damages to former Minister Kenneth Robinson successfully sues the Church of Scientology for libel
East Grinstead Courier 22/Feb/78 Scientology Boss Gets Jail TermHubbard's conviction in absentia in France