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Head Bars Son Of Cult Man

The Times, 13 August 1968, p.2 col. c

 A headmaster has refused the son of a scientologist entry to a preparatory
school until, he says, the cult "clears its name".

 The boy, Neil Gaiman, aged 7, was to have started at Fonthill School, East
Grinstead, Sussex, at the beginning of next term, but the headmaster, Mr.
Michael Carter, has told the boy's parents that he cannot offer him a place.

 Mr. David Gaiman, the father, aged 35, former South Coast businessman, has
become in recent weeks a prominent spokesman in Britain for scientology,
which has its headquarters at East Grinstead.

 Mr. Gaiman said last night: "Mr. Carter rang me and said in the light of
the recent government statement [*] the boy was no longer wanted at the

 "He was kind enough to point out that I could, as I had paid a registration
fee, insist on sending him."

 Mr. Carter said: "The father has drawn a great deal of attention to himself
and the family belongs to an organization described as socially harmful.
Once their name is cleared I would accept the boy. I am not closing the door
in his face."


 [*] This referred to the measures announced on July 25th 1968 by Kenneth
    Robinson, the Minister of Health: L. Ron Hubbard was declared persona
    non grata in the UK and foreign Scientologists were forbidden to enter
    the country. The ban lasted until July 13th 1980.

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