Scientology in the UK Media: 2002

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"[The French government] accused the Scientologists of trying to "cash in on catastrophe", handing out thousands of pamphlets offering help and advice after last September's explosion at a chemical factory in Toulouse that killed 30 people, injured 2,500, and left 1,400 families homeless."
-from The Guardian, 21 Feb 2002

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The Guardian 21/Feb/2002 France puts Scientology sect on trialAfter years of scandal, the Church itself goes on trial
BBC News 23/Feb/2002 Scientologists face Paris banProsecutors ask for Scientology to be disbanded under anti-cult laws
BBC News 30/Jan/2002 Cruise lobbies over ScientologyTom Cruise talks to German officials
The Register (online) 22/Mar/2002 Scientologists gag GoogleGoogle temporarily stops listing the top Scientology critics' site
BBC News 25/Apr/2002 Scientology Church fights GoogleScientology's attempt to remove from the Google index
Sunday Mirror 22/Dec/2002 Crackdown on 'Preying' CultsHome Secretary Blunkett's attempt to legally distinguish cults from religions
The Guardian 30/Oct/2002 Guide to religions in the UK: Scientology Short, descriptive (but credulous) entry

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