Scientology in the UK Media: 2005

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"Instead, I am sent out with some Volunteer Ministers for the day. [...] We are told we are going to set up 'near where all the bombs went off'. People walk by and mutter: 'It's the aliens" and 'Scientology rubbish'." -Laurie Hanna's uncover report in London, July 2005 for The Mirror

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East Grinstead Courier 03/Feb/2005 Lindsay returns from helping tsunami victims in india Scientologist Lindsay Haines returns from allegedly helping tsunami victims
The Register (online) 21/Mar/2005 Dutch AG upholds decision in Scientology caseContinuing case between journalist Karin Spaink and the cult
The Observer 27/Mar/2005 Scientologists will 'purify' drug addicts - for £15,000An investigation of Narconon
The Lancet 07/Jul/2009 Psychotropic drugs: unhelpful and helpful commentsScathing editorial criticism of Tom Cruise from a respected academic journal
The Register (online) 08/Jul/2005 Scientologists drop copyright caseKarin Spaink's total victory over her right to quote "secret scriptures"
The Mirror 22/Jul/2005 Weird Science: Undercover inside the disturbing world of Tom Cruise's churchReporter is sent to offer "touch assists" to Londoners in wake of July 7th bombings
The New Statesman 01/Aug/2005 The A-listers' belief systemHollywood Stars' support of Scientology
Glamour Sep/2008 Why I fled ScientologyAstra Woodcraft speaks to woman's magazine
The Guardian 06/Sep/2005 Faith-based groups flock to disaster Scientology "ministers" arrive at Hurricane Katrina aftermath
East Grinstead Courier 22/Sep/2005 Teenager takes up human rights 18-year-old Scientologist David Hodkin travels to India
BBC TV 27/Sep/2005 Watchdog (consumer affairs programme) 10-min item about Narconon (details)
Daily Mirror 07/Oct/2005 Tom and Katy: Bringing Up BabyAstra Woodcraft is mentioned
Richard & Judy (Channel 4) 11/Oct/2005 [item about Scientology] (YouTube link)Talk show interviews former Scientologist Astra Woodcraft and Janet Laveau, head of OSA UK
East Grinstead Courier 13/Oct/2005 Fareeda flies to aid of Pakistan Scientologist Fareeda Bulbrook goes to site of Pakistan earthquake
The Scotsman 21/Oct/2005 Mock Scientology Website threatened Press Association item about the legal threats against the satirical
The Independent 01/Nov/2005 John Travolta stars in Scientology Night Fever
The Mirror 04/Nov/2005 The Weird Rituals at Scientology's Sussex HQ
The Independent 09/Nov/2005 Tom Cruise drops sister from PR role after year of disasters made it mission impossible
The Guardian 15/Nov/2005 Alarm in prisons at Scientology drug cures aimed at inmates Narconon promoted within prisons
Sunday Mirror 20/Nov/2005 Inside Tom Cruise Cult
Evening Standard 14/Dec/2005 Author blasts Cruise's beliefs Patricia Cornwell speaks out against Scientology
East Grinstead Courier 22/Dec/2006 Magic of Christmas Festivity

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