Scientology in the UK Media: 1980s

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"Children are being forced to disconnect from their parents. Families are splitting up. These disconnection policies are awful. This is not spiritual freedom. This is suppression and enslavement."
-unnamed ex-scientologist quoted in the East Grinstead Courier

This symbol *** indicates articles I particularly recommend.
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Guardian 07/Feb/80 ***Papers reveal sect's dirty tricks / Snow White's dirty tricksDetails of Operation Snow White and other operations including harassment of Sir John Foster and Lord Balniel
Guardian 08/Feb/80 ***Scientology's bizarre manual of dirty tricksInternal documents give details of illegal tactics used to silence Scientology's enemies
Guardian 09/Feb/80 ***Sect framed journalist over "bomb threats"Operation Freakout against Paulette Cooper and Operation Italian Fog against Gabe Cezares
Mail on Sunday 29/Jul/84***The Hubbard Youth
East Grinstead Courier 09/Feb/84Sect row over policyTen Scientologists leave over disconnection policy
Daily Mail 11/Feb/84'We disconnect you'Examples of the disconnection policy at work
East Grinstead Courier 16/Feb/84Buy-out bid for sect HQThe AFINITIES splinter-group and disconnection
East Grinstead Courier 23/Feb/84Poison-pen campaign allegedArguments between the church and AFINITIES splinter-group
East Grinstead Courier 05/Apr/84£120,000 Reward Offered by SectScientology outraged that Lawley and Scott obtain NOTS documents. Independents picket Saint Hill
East Grinstead Courier 26/Apr/84Sect obtains High Court orderFallout from the leak of the Denmark NOTS documents
The Times 24/Jul/84*** Judge brands Scientology 'sinister' as mother is given custody of childrenDetails of Mr. Justice Latey's damning judgement in the High Court
East Grinstead Courier 26/Jul/84Scientology "Dangerous and Corrupt"A summary of the Latey judgement
East Grinstead Courier 02/Aug/84Time to goAn editorial responding to the Latey judgement
Sunday Times
28/Oct/84***Sinking the Master MarinerThe coup that took place after LRH's death; the infamous Mission Holders' Conference; mass defections; allegations of imprisonment and forced labour
East Grinstead Courier ??/Mar/86Cult harasses us say dissidentsScn raids an ex-member's house, accusing her of copying tapes illegally
East Grinstead Courier 23/Feb/87The new menace that waits outside the school gatesThe Way to Happiness campaign in East Grinstead
BBC Regional TV 24/Feb/87London Plus Short item on Home Office warning to parents about Scientology promotional material aimed at children
BBC Regional TV 10/Apr/87East on Two Half-hour documentary on Ruth Clarke, a Scientologist, and her family
TVS (Regional TV)?/Nov/87***Facing South: Scientology, the Cult BusinessBroadcast date unknown: a documentary covering many aspects of Scientology and Hubbard's life
Panorama (BBC TV)27/Apr/87Scientology - The Road to Total Freedom?Interviews with Scott Mayer, Hana Whitfield, Don Larson and others (details)
The Listener 30/Apr/1987***The 'extended sting operation' of ScientologyPanorama reporter John Penycate explains the history and ethos of Scientology and describes how the Church reacted to his documentary
BBC Radio 4 11/Aug/87Ruthless Adventure: the Lives of L. Ron HubbardIncludes interviews with his friends and enemies, writers and psychiatrists. Speakers include David Mayo, Gerry Armstrong, Hana Whitfield (details)
Independent 13/Oct/87Xenu and the Book of Profits Scn recruitment targets ME sufferers
The Times 16/Oct/87 Law report: Public interest outweighs private dutyConfidentiality arguments over "Bare-faced Messiah"
Sunday Times 18/Oct/87***Scientologists in dirty campaign to stop bookAttacks upon the author, publisher and serialising newspaper of Russell Miller's book "Bare-Faced Messiah"
The Times 23/Oct/87 Law report: Church appeal to ban book failsScientology's attempt to ban "Bare-Faced Messiah" is rejected.
Sunday Times 01/Nov/87Cult threatens to sue on book
The Spectator 07/Nov/87 God became an undesirable alienGlowing review of "Bare-faced Messiah" by Patrick Skene Catling
Sunday Times 08/Nov/87Cult's private detective fires at journalistsThe campaign to prevent publication of "Bare-faced Messiah"
Sunday Times 15/Nov/87Face to face with fanaticism Review of "Bare-Faced Messiah"
Sunday Times 15/Nov/87Farce and fear: Operation Snow White
New Statesman 07/Nov/87 Bored to distractionPositive review (with some reservations) of "Bare Faced Messiah" by Duncan Campbell
Times Literary Supplement 08/Jan/88 Spiritual EscapologistCautiously positive review of "Bare-Faced Messiah" by Malise Ruthven
Nature 14/Jan/88 Propheteering businessMartin Gardner reviews and summarises "Bare-Faced Messiah"
Punch 19/Feb/88See you in court Scientology's unsuccessful court battle against Russell Miller, biographer of Hubbard
Daily Telegraph 04/May/88 Man went bankrupt after £175,000 gifts to ScientologistsA company founder uses "commercially wrong" practices to raise money to give to Scientology
East Grinstead Courier 12/May/88The 'Hard Sell' CultLong article about families affected by Scientology
East Grinstead Courier 19/May/88Man loaned cash for Scientology coursesA loan scam being run by a Scientologist
Sunday Times 15/May/88Branson firm hired to help 'sinister' cult
Northern Echo 12/Nov/88Answer to LSD claims- See also the follow-up article, 22/Jun/90.
BBC TV 21/Nov/88 BBC News Short item: Spanish police have arrested 51 people at an international Scientology conference in Madrid.
East Grinstead Observer 24/Nov/88Spanish Police Swoop on CultThe arrest of Heber Jetzsch and others
Glasgow Herald 12/Dec/88Scientology leader is freed on £375,000 BailNews of Heber Jentzsch in the Spanish trial