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Facing South: Scientology, the Cult Business, November 1987 (Video)

Part 1

Recruitment activity in Brighton; L. Ron Hubbard; footage of auditing; opposition to Psychiatry; suicide of Rita (surname?) after she was scared away from psychiatric help

Part 2

Disconnection policy; Lily family; Hubbard's lies about his background; Russell Miller's "Bare-Faced Messiah"; financial deception

Part 3

National income of 55,000 per week; use of money for Hubbard's personal benefit; ex-members Steve Bisbey and Morag Bellmaine; neglect of children; recruitment of "raw meat"; undercover recording of selling; "Candid Albicans Advice Centre" and "G&G Vitamns" as gateways to Scientology; uniformed Sea Org

Part 4

Harassment policy against critics; Dead Agenting and Fair Game; use of private detectives against detractors; Greenfields School; ex-member Marcus Allen's SP declare; Margaret Hodkin expels Alexander Allen as punishment for his father's disobedience;

Google Video link for the whole programme

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