Scientology in the UK Media: 2007

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"Most people might see them as a bit of a joke because of their beliefs and teachings. But they are in fact the most controversial and dangerous cult in the western world today, and pose a real threat to free speech."
-Andreas Heldal-Lund quoted in the Sunday Times

This symbol *** indicates articles I particularly recommend. For general critical information on Scientology, see Operation Clambake.

Sunday Times 07/Jan/2007 *** Revealed: how Scientologists infiltrated Britain's schoolsNarconon gets access to thousands of children in UK schools
The Sun 07/Jan/2007 Cruise 'is Christ' of ScientologyGossip from unnamed source says Cruise is "the chosen one"
Evening Standard 12/Jan/2007 *** How the Church of Scientology found its way into British politics / Labour given thousands by Scientology charity ABLE hires stalls at political party conferences
BBC News 13/Jan/2007 Scientologists in German push
The Sun 18/Jan/2007 No sects please, we're BritishGossip about the Beckhams
Sunday Herald (Scotland) 17/Feb/2007 Hubbard LoveA visit to the new London org to interview Scientology spokesmen
BBC Radio 1 23/Feb/2007 Documentary: ScientologyNihal interviews Juliette Lewis
Metro 27/Feb/2007 Carrey hits out at Cruise and his egoShort celebrity gossip item
Student (Scottish Student Newspaper) 20/Feb/2007 There is no God but L. Ron HubbardA student visits Edinburgh's "Hubbard Academy of Personal Independence"
North-West Evening Mail 07/Mar/2007 Scientology team helps at rail crash sceneA slightly edited reprint of a Scientology Volunteer Ministers press release (compare the two)
Evening Standard 20/Mar/2007 Met allows Cruise's sect access to data on security alertsScientology allowed access to the Police Message Broadcasting System
The Sun 06/Apr/2007 Gervais' Scientology banComedian Ricky Gervais forbidden from satirising John Travolta's connection to Scientology
Evening Argus 11/Apr/2007 Scientologists set for heavenly tax cut
Metro 13/Apr/2007 J-Lo makes quip about 'Scientology'Jennifer Lopez uses Scientology terminology in a TV appearance
Metro 25/Apr/2007 Holmes put on Scientology 'mom classes'Celebrity gossip about Tom Cruise's daughter
BBC News web site 12/May/2007 Row over Scientology videoJohn Sweeney writes about his experience of investigating Scientology.
Daily Mail 12/May/2007 Why did this top policeman agree to appear in a film for the Scientologists?Chief Superintendent Ken Stewart (not a Scientologist himself) of the City of London Police appears in plain clothes in an internal Scientology video. Also published in the Evening Standard
The Observer 13/May/2007 Losing it: BBC reporter's rant is caught on videoJohn Sweeney reprimanded by the BBC for losing his cool after being goaded by Scientology spokesman
Sunday Telegraph 13/May/2007 BBC denies 'death threat' in Scientology rowBBC responds to claims made in Scientology's anti-Panorama DVD.
Independent on Sunday 13/May/2007 Scientologists at war with BBC The row over John Sweeney's Panorama investigation
Sunday Times 13/May/2007 Scientologists to BBC: what planet are you on? Scientology spends £30,000 on DVDs to discredit Panorama.
Mail on Sunday 13/May/2007 Travolta's attack on BBC man in Scientology exposé Travolta writes to senior BBC figures telling them not to show the Panorama documentary.
The Heaven and Earth Show with Gloria Hunniford (BBC TV) 13/May/2007 *** (Item about the Panorama documentary)Panorama editor Sandy Smith describes the pressure the film makers were under when investigating Scientology.
BBC Breakfast (TV)14/May/2007 [Six-minute item about the Panorama investigation] Another interview with Sandy Smith, the editor of Panorama
The Guardian (online)14/May/2007 Panorama backs Sweeney episodeSummary of Sandy Smith's comments on BBC Breakfast
BBC News 24 (TV)14/May/2007 [short item about the Panorama investigation] Mike Rinder tries to deny the Fair Game policy
Panorama (BBC TV) 14/May/2007 *** Scientology and Me (transcript) (Google Video)Reporter John Sweeney shows how he was followed and harassed while investigating the Church of Scientology.
Daily Telegraph 14/May/2007 BBC reporter blows his top at Scientologist (cached) / Scientology - a brief history (cached)
Daily Mail 14/May/2007 BBC man says 'I was wrong to lose it. But these scientologists are truly scary' John Sweeney writes about harassment he personally suffered before and after making the Panorama film
The Sun 14/May/2007 Panorama spat shock drama
Guardian 15/May/2007 Scientologists may take legal action in Panorama rowHaving failed to censor the Panorama show, Scientology threatens a formal complaint.
Yorkshire Post 15/May/2007 BBC man 'goaded' into interview outburst (cached)Conflicting accounts of the Panorama investigation
Guardian 15/May/2007 The crusader Opinion column by former MP Martin Bell praising the Panorama investigation (not clear if this was used in print edition)
Evening Standard 15/May/2007 This rich creepy cult has friends in high places Opinion column by Francis Wheen criticising public bodies for co-operating with Scientology
Daily Mail 15/May/2007 Travolta spearheads Scientologists' attack on BBC Scientology's attempts to prevent the Panorama show
Metro 15/May/2007 BBC man 'trapped' by Scientology
Metro 16/May/2007 Travolta's 'anger' at BBC (cached) Phone call to BBC Director General to try to prevent screening of Panorama
Guardian 16/May/2007 The cult of cash Opinion column by Ian Williams about Scientology (not clear if this was used in print edition)
Daily Express 16/May/2007 Letter: Would I get a starring role in this religion?
Metro 17/May/2007 Aliens and departed spirits, head this way Mentioning the New Mexico vault, the OT3 story and the religious tax-dodge
The Sun 18/May/2007 Sorry for shouting, you weirdos John Sweeney writes about how his life has been affected since investigating Scientology.
Newbury Today 18/May/2007 Jazz band performing at Newbury's Corn Exchange 'tour the world' to promote the controversial creed of Scientology Scientology band the Jive Aces simultaneously claim and deny they are promoting the organisation.
The Times 18/May/2007 BBC crusader without a cape Apparently unresearched opinion column by Mick Hume countering the recent praise of John Sweeney
Daily Mail 19/May/2007 Tom Cruise's Church of hate tried to destroy me Reporter Paul Bracchi describes how he was hounded after investigating Scientology for the Evening Argus
The Independent 19/May/2007 Richard Ingrams' Week (cached)Columnist receives (and rubbishes) the "Freedom TV" propaganda DVD
TalkSport radio 19/May/2007 [piece about Scientology] Interview with scientologist Mike Rinder, with phone-in
Sunday Express 20/May/2007 MPS call for tax probe into cult Westminster Council and the City of London Corporation are revealed to have given tax breaks to Scientology
Scotland on Sunday 20/May/2007 Opinion - Cult or cure? Quite well-informed investigation into the Scottish presence
Evening Standard 23/May/2007 Scientology sect 'using British art as a front' Gallery owner Fraser Kee Scott alleged to use an art exhibition to promote Scientology
The Argus, Brighton Hove & Sussex 24/May/2007 Scientology is not a church or charity. It is, in fact, a cult (cached) Paul Bracchi article builds on his earlier account in the Daily Mail
Birmingham Mail 01/Jun/2007 Protesters in anti mental health unit demonstrationCCHR join a protest against a psychiatric facility
BBC News 01/Jun/2007 Online item(?). UK officials feared church 'evil'Release of official documents from National Archives at Kew
Independent on Sunday 03/Jun/2007 Juliette Lewis: The actress and singer talks about love, drugs and Scientology
The Evening Argus 04/Jun/2007 Fresh controversy for scientologists in filesScientology described as "essentially evil" in government files dating from 1977
The Times 05/Jul/2007 Leave Tom Cruise and his belief in scientology aloneOpinion column by director Ken Russell
The Guardian 09/Jun/2007 My name is L Ron HubbardScientology influence on the hit TV show "My Name is Earl"
Woman magazine 10/Jun/2007 Scientology ruled my lifeFirst-hand account from Bonnie Woods
The Scotsman 17/Jun/2007 Fringe faces the wrath of L Ron A musical satirising the Secret Levels comes to the Edinburgh Fringe
Kentish Gazette Canterbury & District 21/Jun/2007 Cathedral fears over 'quick fix' Scientology visit A Dianetics stall visits Canterbury
BBC Radio 4 22/Jun/2007 The Now Show Item on satirical radio show calls Scientology "culty nutters"
The Times 23/Jun/2007 Scientologists set to cash in on tax break (Google) / 'Church' that yearns for respectability (Google) Scientology lawyers renew their attempt to claim charity status after change in the law / An examination of Scientology's corporate structure in the UK
The Spectator 23/Jun/2007 Stars in their eyes Undercover report on Scientology celebrities
Total Film Summer 2007 Buzz Investigates Scientology Unfavourable quotes about Scientology from various celebrities
The Times 23/Jun/2007 Scientologists set to cash in on tax break
Accountancy Age 25/Jun/2007 Scientologists to cash in on charity tax breaksChange to legal definition of 'religion' will allow Scientologists to benefit from charity tax breaks
The Times 26/Jun/2007 Cruise film triggers fears of Scientology hijacking war hero
The Guardian 27/Jun/2007 Cruise's Scientology Stirs Ire in Berlin
The Times 03/Jul/2007 It's time we learnt from the GermansShort opinion piece by Michael Gove supporting German suspicion of Scientology
The Guardian 10/Jul/2007 Accused family killer was 'denied treatment by Scientologist parents'
The Independent 23/Jul/2007 Cruise is 'Goebbels of Scientology', says German church
The Guardian 26/Jul/2007 Tom Cruise's Valkyrie should be quite a rideArts Review comment on controversy about Cruise film Valkyrie
The Guardian 20/Aug/2007 Interview: John Sweeney
The Scotsman 05/Sep/2007 Scientology branded a 'criminal organisation' and may face charges
Daily Telegraph 09/Sep/2007 Friends, thetans, countrymenMilton Katselas, famous acting teacher, is accused of recruiting for Scientology.
Manchester Metro News 20/Sep/2007 Huge scientology centre planned
The Times 28/Oct/2007 It's weird up north as Scientology moves inScientology buys a building in central Manchester
Manchester Evening News 28/Oct/2007 Scientology centre planned
Metro 21/Nov/2007 Will talks Scientology
Daily Express 23/Nov/2007 The Church of Scientology: An Apology
Metro 03/Dec/2007 Will's religious viewsCelebrity gossip: Will Smith repudiates claims he has attached to a particular religion
The Guardian 08/Dec/2007 German ministers try to ban Scientology
BBC News 08/Dec/2007 Germany moves to ban ScientologyOnline news item: not clear if used in broadcasts
The Times 09/Dec/2007 Court fight looms as Germany seeks to outlaw Scientologists
The Scotsman 10/Dec/2007 Germany attacks Scientology
Times Education Supplement 14/Dec/2007 Cult Watchreport on cult recruitment in UK schools
Sunday People 30/Dec/2007 Lo key birth! Exclusive She'll Be Silent Like KatieCelebrity gossip about Jennifer Lopez

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