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Jazz band performing at Newbury's Corn Exchange 'tour the world' to promote the controversial creed of Scientology

Newbury Today, 18 May 2007

A JAZZ band booked to play Newbury's Corn Exchange tomorrow (Saturday) night "tour the world" to promote the controversial creed of Scientology.

The Jive Aces will perform at the Corn Exchange as part of the Newbury Spring Festival.

Festival spokeswoman Zoe Seenan said: "We didn't know of their connection. But, having asked, we have been reassured by them that they are not going to use this concert to promote Scientology or to distribute any literature."

The Jive Aces' website contains numerous links to Scientology sites and quotes a magazine interview which states: "They sprinkle their CDs with quotes from Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and tour around the world to promote their spiritual practice."

Band spokeswoman, Grazie Clarkson, denied the band promoted Scientology. She said: "They are just a band. They will not be promoting their religion."

Scientology made national headlines this week following a critical BBC Panorama documentary screened on Monday night.

It was founded by American pulp science fiction author Hubbard and offers "total freedom".

But in 1984 High Court judge Mr Justice Latey said the creed was "based on lies and deceit" and added: "Scientology is both immoral and socially obnoxious. It is corrupt, sinister and dangerous."

No one was available for comment at the Church of Scientology's UK headquarters.

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