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"The users of the Net have such diverse interests that in some ways it's stretching the truth to talk about a true electronic community. But if a catalyst were needed to unite them in the face of a common enemy, it has surely been found in the shape of the Church of Scientology."
-New Scientist, 2 September 1995

This symbol *** indicates articles I particularly recommend. For general critical information on Scientology, see Operation Clambake.

First Wave: the Alt.Religion.Scientology war

Independent 03/Mar/1995 Scientologists ends secrecy on Internet
Computing 04/Mar/1995 Scientology Church copyright bid fails
New Scientist 18/Mar/1995 Netropolitan (regular column) Brief note about the emergence of Ron Newman's page on the alt.religion.scientology battle.
Internet and Comms Today 01/Apr/1995 alt.religion.scientology goes bezerk Joel Furr on the Erlich raid.
.net 01/Apr/1995 Cult wars rage in Cyberspace
New Scientist 29/Apr/1995 Netropolitan (regular column) Scientology "outs" the secret identity of its critic TarlaStar
Independent 04/May/1995 Scientology's secret scriptures are revealed on the Internet
The Net (BBC 2) 15/May/1995 *** Scientology versus the Internet Background to the raid on Dennis Erlich's home and the ensuing court case. Includes interviews with Helena Kobrin, Tom Klemesrud, Dennis Erlich and Shari Steele of the EFF.
The Net (BBC 2) 03/Jul/1995 Anonymity Report on the closure of the Penet anonymous remailer in Finland, which was prompted by attacks from Scientology. Includes an interview with the owner of the remailer, Julf Helsingus.
Guardian 17/Aug/1995 Scientologists fight on
New Scientist 31/Aug/1995 Netropolitan (regular column) Mention of the Internet's war against Scientology, with recommended links.
Independent 04/Sep/1995 Warning: Prince Xenu could destroy the 'net!
Observer 01/Oct/1995 Law of the Wires
Times 25/Oct/1995 Scientologists step up campaign against net critics Report on threats of legal action against netizens
BBC World Service 31/Oct/1995 The Week on the Web (Lead item) Interview with Martin Poulter about legal threats made against him.
Hype Webzine 12/Nov/1995 Scientology takes on the 'net Background to the ruckus on alt.religion.scientology. This webzine received a threat of legal action from Helena Kobrin.
BBC World Service 10/Jan/1996 Newshour (item)
Independent 02/May/1996 Let's All Beam Up To Heaven Editorial about Scientology adverts and the battle against the internet
cyber.café (Meridian TV) 12/Sept/1996 (Studio discussion) Greg and Racheal Ryerson of OSA Saint Hill meet Martin Poulter. Each side promotes its respective web pages.
Computer Consultant 01/May/1998 Spam, spam, unlovely spam A report on Scientology's use of mass-produced "personal" pages to divert web users to their site.
Times 11/Sep/1999 Weekend Games: WWWReview of some Scientology-related web sites
Guardian 23/Mar/2000 The gospel of the webA summary of Scientology's battle against the Internet
Guardian 01/Mar/2001 Net News: Spot the difference Narconon plagiarises the drug advice site Urban75
Wired magazine 17/Mar/2001 Xenu Do, But Not on Slashdot Geek news site Slashdot deletes a reader's comment under pressure from Scentology
The Register (online) 19/May/2001 Online Scientology critic seeks political asylum Keith Henson accused of "terrorism" after joking remarks made online about Scientology
The Register (online) 30/May/2001 Online Scientology critic jailed in Canada Keith Henson arrested after misleading tip-off
The Register (online) 22/Mar/2002 Scientologists gag GoogleGoogle temporarily stops listing the top Scientology critics' site
BBC News 25/Apr/2002 Scientology Church fights GoogleScientology's attempt to remove from the Google index
The Register (online) 08/Sep/2003 Scientologists loses copyright caseAn appeal by Scientology in the case against Karin Spaink is denied
The Register (online) 21/Mar/2005 Dutch AG upholds decision in Scientology caseContinuing case between journalist Karin Spaink and the cult
The Register (online) 08/Jul/2005 Scientologists drop copyright caseKarin Spaink's total victory over her right to quote "secret scriptures"
The Scotsman 21/Oct/2005 Mock Scientology Website threatened Press Association item about the legal threats against the satirical
Mirror 19/Apr/2006 Mission ImplausibleTom Cruise and the riddle of the 'rigged' internet poll

Second Wave: Anonymous and Project Chanology

Sky News (24-hour news channel) returned to the topic of the leaked Tom Cruise video several times over the course of the 16th January, with different guests each time. Some extracts were captured and made it to YouTube, below.
Sky News 16/Jan/2008 [coverage of Tom Cruise video, part 1]Martin Poulter comments on the leaked video
Sky News 16/Jan/2008 [coverage of Tom Cruise video, part 2]
Sky News 16/Jan/2008 [coverage of Tom Cruise video, part 3]Ex-scientologist Arnie Lerma is interviewed
Sky News 16/Jan/2008 Tom Cruise video leak on web: can Scientology delete it?Media lawyer Mark Stephens explains how Scientology's censorship attempts are counterproductive.
Daily Mail 16/Jan/2008 Tom Cruise's Scientology rant: 'It's a blast - we can change the world'
BBC News 16/Jan/2008 Cruise Scientology video leaked[web site item: not clear if it was used in broadcasts]
More 4 News 16/Jan/2008 [Item on Tom Cruise video]
Daily Mirror 16/Jan/2008 Tom Cruise's bizarre rant
The Guardian 17/Jan/2008 Tom's medal for services to ScientologyTom Cruise's Freedom Medal of Valor revealed in leaked video
Press Association 17/Jan/2008 Tom Cruise Scientology video leakedPublished in the Daily Record (Scotland) as "Cruise In Video Scientology Rant"
The Independent 17/Jan/2008 Scientologists try to block Cruise YouTube rant
Daily Mail 17/Jan/2008 As his bizarre Scientology video is revealed - is Tom Cruise out of control? / Profile: Church of Scientology's efforts to block Tom Cruise video rant backfire
Daily Record (Scotland) 17/Jan/2008 Bid To Block Cruise Rant Video Fails
Daily Mirror 19/Jan/2008 Tom Cruise in 9/11 'lies' web rant
Sky News 24/Jan/2008 Anonymous Vs. Scientology: Can we stop the online hackers?A computer security expert talks about Denial of Service Attacks being used against the Scientology web site
The Times 25/Jan/2008 Web vigilantes attack Scientology website The "Anonymous" hacker group declaring war on Scientology
The Register 25/Jan/2008 Critics split over DDoS attacks on ScientologyVeteran critics of Scientology clash with early Anonymous over tactics
The Economist 31/Jan/2008 Fair Game: An online onslaught against Scientology
The Guardian 04/Feb/2008 Hackers declare war on Scientologists amid claims of heavy-handed Cruise controlA new wave of online and street protests against Scientology
The Telegraph 04/Feb/2008 Hackers wage web war on Scientologists
Metro 04/Feb/2008 Scientology under attack from online hackers
Nouse (York University student newspaper) 20/Feb/2008 Anonymous: Inside the war on ScientologyThorough investigation of Anonymous and its claims
Daily Star 16/Mar/2008 Stars Face Science FrictionAnonymous is described as a "sinister protest group"
The Register 12/Mar/2008 Wikileaks exposes Scientology's zeal to 'clean up rotten spots of society'Billion-dollar contract and other materials are leaked online
The Guardian 19/Mar/2008 Taking the RickArticle about the Rick-Rolling phenomenon and its use by Anonymous
The Register 08/Apr/2008 Scientology threatens Wikileaks with injunctionLawyers react to Wikileaks hosting of Scientology-related documents
BBC Radio 4 14/Apr/2008 PM: Scientology and WikiLeaksWhistleblower site Wikileaks releases huge volumes of Scientology internal documents
Times Online 18/Apr/2008 Jason Beghe Scientology video removed from YouTubeFormer Scientology spokesman speaks out against the group, but is censored
The Register 24/April/2008 Anti-Scientology crusader vaporized from YouTubeMark Bunker's YouTube account cancelled
The Register 14/May/2008 Google kills Anonymous AdSense accountScientology was funding the Enturbulation dicussion boards via Google ads until the Church complained
The Register 21/May/2008 Teen battles City of London cops over anti-Scientology placardExcellent round-up of the EpicNoseGuy "cult" placard issue
The Register 15/Aug/2008 Google murders second Anonymous AdSense accountGoogle shuts down the AdSense account of another anti-Scientology site.
The Register 09/Sep/2008 Scientology critics fight YouTube takedown noticesThousands of anti-CoS videos are taken down after complaints
New Statesman 18/Sep/2008 Time to Take NoticeBecky Hogge of the Open Rights Group explains how the copyright law enables corporations such as the Church of Scientology to censor the internet
The Register 06/Oct/2008 Anonymous plans zombie Scientology protestOctober global protest theme involves zombies
The Register 17/Oct/2008 US teen admits to 'Anonymous' DDoS attack on ScientologyDmitriy Guzner pleads guilty to denial-of-service attack on Scientology sites
Computer Weekly 21/Oct/2008 Cyber attacker faces 10 years in prison for hitting ScientologistsDmitriy Guzner pleads guilty to denial-of-service attack on Scientology sites
The Inquirer 24/Oct/2008 Anti Scientology activist off the hook. Sort ofNews of the case against Gregg Housh in Boston
The Register 29/May/2009 Wikipedia bans Church of ScientologyA long Arbitration Committee case ends with the organisation's computers barred from editing the free encyclopedia
The Guardian 29/May/2009 Wikipedia bans Church of Scientology from editing
Sky News 30/May/2009 Wikipedia To Block Edits By Scientologists (Youtube copy of broadcast)Web site and broadcast item
The Telegraph 30/May/2009 Church of Scientology members banned from editing WikipediaWikipedia's administrators clamp down on conflict of interest
The Guardian 30/Oct/2009 The internet has done for Scientology. Could it rumble the Christians, too?Opinion column by Marina Hyde