Scientology in the UK Media: 2006

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"Scientologists are aiming their "teachings" at people with mental health problems, some of the most vulnerable in society. [...] We should be encouraging women to talk about their mental health problems, not vilifying them when they seek treatment."
-Dr Max Pemberton on Scientology's opposition to psychiatry, The Telegraph

This symbol *** indicates articles I particularly recommend. For general critical information on Scientology, see Operation Clambake.

East Grinstead Courier 12/Jan/2006 Townsfolk support earthquake victims
BBC News 14/Mar/2006 Hayes leaves 'bigoted' South ParkFallout from South Park's exposure of the OT3 secrets
BBC News 14/Mar/2006 Holmes 'becomes a Scientologist'Tom Cruise claims his fiancee has joined Scientology
BBC News 18/Mar/2006 South Park 'battling' ScientologyParker and Stone taunt Scientology about Xenu secrets
Independent 19/Mar/2006 South Park declares war on Tom CruiseSouth Park episode including Xenu story is taken off air
The Register (online) 20/Mar/2006 South Park declares war on ScientologyRecent clash
Times 22/Mar/2006 Opinion: What Scientology needs most is to be ridiculed Michael Gove criticises Isaac Hayes' hypocrisy
Times 24/Mar/2006 South Park has last word in row over Scientology Summary of the fallout from Isaac Hayes' departure from South Park
Sunday Times 26/Mar/2006 Review: Hey Chef, these guys are killing free speech The pulling of the "Trapped in the Closet" South Park episode
Edinburgh Evening News 28/Mar/2006 Opinion: Religion shouldn't cook up a storm Uninformed defense of Scientology practices
Guardian 29/Mar/2006 How to give birth the Scientology way Sixteen quotes from LRH on women and giving birth
Guardian 08/Apr/2006 Weird - but not wonderful Columnist expresses disgust at racism in Scientology scripture
Observer 09/Apr/2006 *** Inside Scientology Lengthy undercover investigation reprinted from Rolling Stone
The Scotsman 13/Apr/2006 Tom Cruise says fiancée Holmes is a Scientologist
Sky News (TV) 13/Apr/2006 The Sky ReportLead item is 6-minute report on Scientology, followed by studio discussion
Daily Mail 15/Apr/2006 Cruise: Katie can use painkillers during birth
Observer 16/Apr/2006 Pendennis: Success? It's in my ology, says Travolta Scn sees Travolta autobiography as a counter to negative coverage
Sunday Times 16/Apr/2006 Opening up Interview with Tom Cruise
Daily Telegraph 17/Apr/2006 *** Alien soul theory is no cure for depressionA medical doctor criticises Tom Cruise's claims about psychiatry
Independent 18/Apr/2006 *** The Secrets of ScientologyAn undercover report from East Grinstead
Mirror 19/Apr/2006 Mission ImplausibleTom Cruise and the riddle of the 'rigged' internet poll
The Guardian 21/Apr/2006 Mission Impossible III Comment by Mark Lawson on how Scientology's celebrities are perceived
East Grinstead Courier 27/Apr/2006 Litter-picking in anti-drugs drive Scientologist kids "cleaning the parks"
The Scotsman 05/May/2006 Alarm over drug treatment groupDrug counsellors warn about Narconon
Skeptical Intelligencer Jun 2006 A bad year for the Galactic Federation: Scientology in the NewsMy summary of recent media coverage in ASKE newsletter
BBC Radio Five Live 02/Jul/2006 *** Five Live Report: Mind Games: Scientology vs. Psychiatry (Audio)Undercover investigation of Scientology's interference with help for disaster victims
Telegraph 11/Aug/2006 Scientology tax victory could cost Revenue millionsRevenue and Customs pay out more than 4 million in VAT
BBC News 23/Aug/2006 Cruise and Paramount sever ties
Sun 23/Aug/2006 Cruise Mister Impossible
Channel 4 08/Sep/2006 The Beginner's guide To L. Ron Hubbard50 minute documentary. A reporter spends time with a Free Zone group in Russia.
Observer 09/Sep/2006 Tom says sorry for drugs jibeCruise apologises to Brooke Shields
East Grinstead Courier 21/Sep/2006 Blood donation anniversary
Observer 01/Oct/2006 German police told to target Scientologists
Observer 22/Oct/2006 Scientology sets up house in the CityNew building is set up in the financial district of London
Sunday Times 22/Oct/2006 Cruise expected at opening of scientology's London HQ
Guardian 23/Oct/2006 Let it rain: Scientology glitterati join followers to launch £24m centre in heart of the CitySuperintendent Kevin Hurley speaks at opening of London centre
Evening Standard (London) 23/Oct/2006 *** Tom's aliens target City's 'planetary rulers'Investigation uncovering the pseudo-military culture of Scientology and its hate campaign against psychiatrists
Independent 23/Oct/2006 Devotees mix with doubters at Scientology ceremonyAnti-Scientology protestors are heard at opening
Guardian 24/Oct/2006 Police criticised over ScientologyFamily Action Information Resource complains to Superintendent Kevin Hurley
Independent 24/Oct/2006 The strange case of the cop and the cultOpinion column criticising Superintendent Kevin Hurley
Guardian 27/Oct/2006 A Life of AngerAuthor Kenneth Anger discusses researching Scientology celebrities
Guardian 28/Oct/2006 Plasticine and teddy bears at the new UK base of L Ron HubbardA journalist poses as a student to visit the new centre
The Telegraph 29/Oct/2008 Brussels puts squatters over ScientologistsMayor of Brussels promises "all available means" to prevent European headquarters for Scientology
Daily Mail 15/Nov/2006 In Scientology wedding, Cruise will pledge loyalty...and maybe a catCelebrity gossip about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
Daily Mail 21/Nov/2006 Police officers accepted gifts from Church of Scientology
Guardian 22/Nov/2006 Gala dinners, jive bands and Tom Cruise: how the Scientologists woo City police
BBC News 22/Nov/2006 Police Scientology gifts inquiryItem from web site, not clear if used in broadcasts
Guardian 23/Nov/2006 Scientologists' gifts to police provoke rethink
East Grinstead Courier 23/Nov/2006 Police in review over Scientology gift claims
Telegraph 24/Nov/2006 Scientologists pay a high price to sit at the right hand of Tom Cruise
Independent 25/Nov/2006 Richard Ingrams' Week: Everything is fine here (just like it it in Iraq)Opinion column condemns City of London police for relationship with Scientology
Guardian 09/Dec/2006 This column will change your life: ScientologyColumnist Oliver Burkeman visits the new Life Improvement Centre in London
Telegraph 10/Dec/2006 Scientologists get £270,000 subsidyScientology in London claims tax relief despite not being a charity
East Grinstead Courier 14/Dec/2006 Writer is most readL Ron Hubbard is claimed to be "the most published author in the world"
East Grinstead Courier 28/Dec/2006 Concerns over Scientology

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