Scientology in the UK Media: 1995

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"Our policy is to build up family relationships."
-a Scientology spokesman commenting on Scientologist Helen Day's disconnection from her parents

This symbol *** indicates articles I particularly recommend. For general critical information on Scientology, see Operation Clambake.

Independent 03/Mar/1995 Scientologists end secrecy on Internet
Computing 04/Mar/1995 Scientology Church copyright bid fails
Times 09/Mar/1995 Rescuer denies sect kidnapping
Daily Telegraph 09/Mar/1995 Sect member thwarted kidnapper
Independent 09/Mar/1995 Man accused of kidnap attempt at cult's castle
Independent 10/Mar/1995 Cult member denies her mind was controlled: Court gets rare and detailed insight into world of Scientology Report from the Kathleen Wilson case.
Sunday Sun (Newcastle) 13/Mar/1995 You broke my heart, says dad Kathleen Wilson's father speaks out about her Scientology membership.
Middlesborough Evening Gazette 13/Mar/1995 Kidnap bid is denied
Sunday Sun (Newcastle) 14/Mar/1995 Snatch court case brings cult girl and mum back together Details of the court case arising from Stephen Cooper's attempt to kidnap Kathleen Wilson, including claims that Kathleen was working 11-hours a day for 33 pounds a week.
Middlesborough Evening Gazette 15/Mar/1995 Ex-flatmate cleared of kidnap bid
Daily Telegraph 15/Mar/1995 Friend cleared of Scientology kidnapping/Verdict dashes cult hopes of ending sinister image
Independent 15/Mar/1995 Cult rescue bid was no kidnap, jury decides
Daily Mail 15/Mar/1995 Friend who tried to rescue girl from cult is cleared of kidnap
BBC 1 (TV) 16/Mar/1995 Good Morning with Anne and Nick Breakfast TV interview with Stephen Cooper
Daily Mail 16/Mar/1995 Sad mother who waits for her lost daughter Interview with Margaret Wilson about her attempts to get her daughter Kathleen out of Scientology.
New Scientist 18/Mar/1995 Netropolitan (regular column) Brief note about the emergence of Ron Newman's page on the alt.religion.scientology battle.
Sunday Sun (Newcastle) 19/Mar/1995 (not known) Interviews with Stephen Cooper and Kathleen Wilson about their court case.
Observer 19/Mar/1995 "They made her sign up for a billion years. What kind of people are they?" Interview with Stephen Cooper about his attempted kidnap of Kathleen Wilson.
Sunday Mail (Scotland) 28/Mar/1995 The cult wants to teach our children
Internet and Comms Today 01/Apr/1995 alt.religion.scientology goes bezerk Joel Furr on the Erlich raid.
.net 01/Apr/1995 Cult wars rage in Cyberspace
Evening Argus (Brighton) 04/Apr/1995 Cult and a Right Winger International Association of Scientologists member Tom Marcellus and his Holocaust denial.
New Scientist 19/Apr/1995 Netropolitan (regular column) Scientology "outs" the secret identity of its critic TarlaStar
Independent 31/Apr/1995 Why Kathy won't come home Interview with Kathleen Wilson
Daily Mail 02/May/1995 Will Kathy ever come home? Interviews with Kathleen Wilson, her mother and with Stephen Cooper, the friend who tried to kidnap her from Saint Hill.
Sunday Telegraph 14/May/1995 Germany calling Minister Norbert Blum and his attacks on the organisation.
The Net (BBC 2) 15/May/1995 *** Scientology versus the Internet Background to the raid on Dennis Erlich's home and the ensuing court case. Includes interviews with Helena Kobrin, Tom Klemesrud, Dennis Erlich and Shari Steele of the EFF.
Kent Today 20/May/1995 Talk to me, plea by cult girl's mum An alleged disconnection
Guardian 20/May/1995 Tenants fight Scientologists About a Scientologist-run property scam in Berlin
Daily Mail 29/May/1995 Our little boy lost: Grandparents in Legal Battle for the right to see two-year-old Sam
Daily Telegraph 14/June/1995 Soldier stole "to pay sect" Brett Parker stole £15,000 to pay for Scientology courses.
The Net (BBC 2) 03/July/1995 Anonymity Report on the closure of the Penet anonymous remailer in Finland, which was prompted by attacks from Scientology. Includes an interview with the owner of the remailer, Julf Helsingus.
Guardian 12/July/1995 Scientologists take legal action over television investigations The scientologists respond to the undercover reporting done by Ali Braund for the Big Story documentary.
Big Story (ITV) 13/July/1995 *** Inside the Cult This report mixes interviews (with high-level defectors and independent researchers) with footage obtained by taking a hidden camera into the Poole mission and into Saint Hill.
Bournemouth Evening Echo 13/July/1995 Making a FUSS over Scientology Families Under Scientology Stress is launched, and its local branch mounts a picket of the Scientology mission.
East Grinstead Courier 14/July/1995 New pressure group under fire from cult Harassment of the Families Under Scientology Stress group
Tonbridge Courier 14/July/1995 We live in fear Harassment of Richard and Judy Price
East Grinstead Observer 16/July/1995 Scientology film team targeted by vandals Cars belonging to makers of "The Big Story" are vandalised
The Observer 16/July/1995 Vandals target Scientology film team
UK Press Gazette 17/July/1995 [not known] A bid by the cult to prevent the broadcast of a Big Story TV programme by placing it sub judice is refused by the Attorney General.
Evening Standard 21/July/1995 Putting on the writs Scientology's Campaign for Reform of Media Abuses
Independent 15/Aug/1995 Scientology's secret scriptures are revealed on the Internet
Guardian 17/Aug/1995 Scientologists fight on
Sunday Sun (Newcastle) 20/Aug/1995 (not known) Kathleen Wilson's marriage to a fellow Scientologist and continuing trouble with the rest of her family.
New Scientist 31/Aug/1995 Netropolitan (regular column) Mention of the Internet's war against Scientology, with recommended links.
Independent 04/Sep/1995 Warning: Prince Xenu could destroy the 'net!
UK Press Gazette 25/Sept/1995 Scientology's Court Case Thrown out by Magistrates The cult's attempt to prosecute undercover journalist Ali Braund, her producer and 20/20 television are dismissed as an abuse of process.
Observer 01/Oct/1995 Law of the Wires
Times 25/Oct/1995 Scientologists step up campaign against net critics Report on threats of legal action against netizens
Week on the Web (BBC World Service) 31/Oct/1995 (Lead item) Interview with Martin Poulter about legal threats made against him.
Hype Webzine, University of East Anglia 12/Nov/1995 Scientology takes on the 'net Background to the ruckus on alt.religion.scientology. This webzine received a threat of legal action from Helena Kobrin.