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Talk To Me, Plea By Cult Girl'S Mum

Kent Today, Tuesday, 20 May 1995

By Clare Jardine

A Kent woman has made an emotional plea to the daughter she claims has cut
her off after joining a religious sect: "Please give me one chance just to
talk to you".

Pauline Day says her daughter Helen has broken all ties with her after becoming
involved with the Church of Scientology.

And Mrs Day, a 50-year-old legal secretary from Dene Road, Dartford, has been
denied access to her beloved grandson Sam for more than a year.


Mrs Day says Helen, who was at school in Bexley before starting a promising
career, became involved with the church after she met her husband Paul Cruse,
a scientologist.

Then the daughter, who once spoke to her mother daily on the phone and saw her
weekly became increasingly distant and began making excuses to miss family

"Then we received a letter saying she would have no more to do with myself and
my husband.  She changed her phone number and I don't even know where she 
works," said Mrs Day.

"I know she has a flat in South London but I don't want to cause a confrontation
by sitting on her doorstep.

All I want is the chance to speak to her.  Even if she does not change her mind,
at least we will have tried."

Mrs Day said she felt bereaved since her daughter had "disconnected" herself.

"If she had emigrated it would have been awful but at least we would still have

"I feel like the parent of a runaway child with the anguish of not knowing
if she is alive or dead."

But a spokesman for the Church of Scientology said the split between the mother
and daughter had nothing to do with them.

"This was a decision made independently by Helen and has nothing to do with
the church at all", she said.

"Our policy is to build up family relationships".

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