Scientology in the UK Media: 1996

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"Some though have very clear memories of the 1984 high court judgement in which Scientology was described as 'A religion based on lies and deceit, whose real objectives are money and power' and that was a judge speaking! But Scientologists are very keen to make sure remarks like that do not stick, and they're prepared to use the law to counter-attack."
-Jeremy Vine on BBC's Newsnight

This symbol *** indicates articles I particularly recommended. For general critical information on Scientology, see Operation Clambake.

Newshour (BBC World Service) 10/Jan/1996 (item)
Daily Telegraph 15/Mar/1996 Cult's hopes of improving its image take a knock
Empire 15/Mar/1996 Weird Science: Celebrity Scientologists
Guardian 10/Apr/1996 Diary Comments on Truth and Accuracy In the Media, a Scientology front group which, for a price, monitors journalists.
Guardian 11/Apr/1996 Diary More on Scientology's attempts to enforce "journalistic integrity".
Guardian 12/Apr/1996 Diary Brief humourous reference to Scientology's attempts to impose its version of Truth and Accuracy on the media.
Nottingham Evening Post 27/Apr/1996 Writer is quizzed by creditors A report from the bankrupcy proceedings of critical author Jon Atack.
Times 01/May/1996 Television lifts ban on Scientologists
Independent 02/May/1996 Let's All Beam Up To Heaven Editorial about Scientology adverts and the battle against the internet
Independent 09/Aug/1996 Germany's mission imperative Report on clash between Church of Scientology and German politicians
Evening Standard 09/Aug/1996 Suicide verdict on cult man The death of ex-scientologist Richard Collins after intense pressure to rejoin.
Economist 17/Aug/1996 Scientayatollogy: German tiffs with America Commentary on the strain the Scientology issue is putting on relations between the US and Germany.
Independent 18/Aug/1996 Scientologists prepare to seek charity status
Daily Mail 19/Aug/1996 The cult that keeps his loyalty Extract from a biography of John Travolta
Sunday Express 25/Aug/1996 Tom's sect discrimination
Daily Telegraph 26/Aug/1996 Travolta's film faces ban over Scientology
Independent 27/Aug/1996 Scientology is as Worthy of Belief as Christianity or Judaism. True or False? A columnist's opinion on the absurdity of Scientology
Guardian 29/Aug/1996 Church That Ron Built Madeleine Bunting visits Scientology Headquarters
Guardian 29/Aug/1996 Founding Spirit A round-up of facts and allegations about Scientology
Daily Telegraph 03/Sep/1996 News Bytes
Guardian 04/Sep/1996 [Letters] Two readers' opinions of Scientology in response to "Church that Ron Built"
cyber.café (Meridian TV) 12/Sep/1996 (Studio discussion) Greg and Racheal Ryerson of OSA Saint Hill meet Martin Poulter. Each side promotes its respective web pages.
Times 13/Sep/1996 Scientology TV Campaign gains official approval
Times 13/Sep/1996 Anti-cult group accuse watchdog of naivety
Daily Mail 13/Sep/1996 The Commercial Cult
Sunday Times 15/Sep/1996 Cult of Ron beams in from the heavens
Guardian 16/Sep/1996 Scientology Ads for TV
BBC Newsnight 17/Sep/1996 *** Scientology adverts Interviews and report followed by studio discussion, featuring Heber Jentsch, Ian Haworth of Cult Information Centre, John Wadham of NCCL and David Mellor MP.
Press Association 17/Sep/1996 Scientologists open TV ad' blitz
BBC TV 17/Sep/1996 BBC News Short item about TV advertising campaign
Press Association Newsfile 17/Sept/1996 Scientology backed by celebrities but dogged by suspicion
The Scotsman 18/Sept/1996 Scientology TV ads met with concern Surveys a number of responses to the prospect of television adverts for Scientology.
The Independent 18/Sept/1996 Scientologists to extend campaign to ITV
Daily Mail 18/Sept/1996 Cult's TV message
Guardian 18/Sept/1996 Charity big 'cult' in TV campaign
Daily Express 18/Sept/1996 Can we ever truly trust Scientology? Interviews with three people who claim to have lost family members to Scientology.
This Morning (ITV) 18/Sept/1996 *** Scientology and other cults Studio discussion with Bonnie Woods and Heber Jentsch, followed by phone-in.
Daily Mail 18/Sept/1996 TV ad campaign by 'brainwashing' cult
Daily Telegraph 18/Sept/1996 Scientologists preach message on TV Heber Jentsch's UK press conference to launch the TV advertising campaign
Right to Reply (Channel 4) 20/Sept/1996 Scientology adverts Studio debate
Guardian 21/Sept/1996 The Verdict: Cults on the Box In short quotes, Ian Howarth of the Cult Information Centre, exit counsellor Bonnie Woods, Greg Ryerson of OSA and a humanist give their opinions on TV adverts for Scientology.
Company 01/Oct/1996 Sects Addicts Article on unusual religious beliefs had by celebrities, including a short section on Scientology.
Independent 07/Oct/1996 Scientologists hunt for recruits inside prison Criminon's attempts to have its courses introduced into British prisons.
Independent 10/Oct/1996 Scientologists defend faith in court Court case over the death of Patrice Vic
Independent 11/Oct/1996 Letter from Lord McNair Lord McNair, a Scientologist, defends the Criminon programme
Independent on Sunday 13/Oct/1996 Pete York on Ads: Scientology: Your Questions Unanswered Review of the new adverts for UK television.
Independent 19/Oct/1996 Scientologists declare war on 'Nazi' GermanyChurch of Scientology takes out full-page newspaper ad to attack "intolerance"
Guardian 28/Nov/1996 Roger Tuffin was Stopped on the Street and Bought the Book A gay man seeks a "cure" for homosexuality in Scientology
Guardian 28/Nov/1996 Madeleine Bunting Talks to Former Scientologists A companion article for the Big Story documentary
Big Story (ITV) 28/Nov/1996 *** The S Files Focusing on financial allegations, criminal charges and suicides.
Economist 14/Dec/1996 Letters: Advertising Scientology Several readers complain about the Economist's publication of adverts for Scientology. The magazine's editor responds.
Press Association Newsfile 17/Dec/1996 Peer Declares Scientology Membership
Daily Telegraph 28/Dec/1996 Scientology wins Home Office Status as Religion Acceptance of Scientology "ministers" into the country
Observer 29/Dec/1996 Roving Brief - Government U-turn Backs Scientology
Daily Mail 30/Dec/1996 Scientology cult wants to become a charity