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The Guardian, April 11, 1996

By Matthew Norman

THE mystery about TAIM (Truth and Accuracy In the Media) - the Hollywood-based group whose newsletter and website invite subscribers to report journalists to a blacklist - deepens by the hour. Could this anonymous body be a front, we wonder, for the Church of Scientology? Last July, the Scientologists launched the Campaign for Public Reform of Media Abuses, waiting a full two months before starting the extremely different FACT (Fairness and Accuracy Campaign for Truth) "in the media". Founded by the late L. Ron Hubbard (son of L. Mother Hubbard) the church famously hates media attention, and even more famously has major Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise, Demi Moore and John Travolta as members. On this circumstantial evidence, it looks a fair cop - and yet, at the Scientologists' British HQ (a mansion in East Grinstead), Rachel Ryerson denies it. Is she correct? Or are there Scientologist impersonators on the loose in California? We will endeavour to find out.

WHOEVER they may be, I will be reporting myself to TAIM for the second time: first it was the Peter Bolmondely incident; now it's the price of Major, Major (Memories Of An Older Brother), the new Book of the Month.

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