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Writer is quizzed by creditors

Nottingham Evening Post - Saturday April 27, 1996

The finances of a former Notts member of a controversial church were
held up to public scrutiny to destroy him, a court heard.

Writer Jon Atack, 40, of Eastwood Road, Radcliffe on Trent, appeared
at Nottingham County Court during a public examination of his

One of the creditors, the Church of Scientology, alleged during the
hearing that Mr Atack had not been straightforward with his affairs
after making himself bankrupt last May.

Mr Atack - who at the hearing described himself as the world's leading
authority on the church - was a member for nine years before leaving
in 1983.

He went on to write a book about the church and acted as a consultant
for others who had dealings with them.

He became bankrupt - owing creditors around 200,000 - through the
costs of fighting legal actions brought by the church, the Counsel for
the church creditors John Critchley said: "Our account is that Mr
Atack has not been straight-forward with his affairs."

But Mr Atack's barrister David Ryan said: "The Scientology cult will
destroy and obliterate any opposition to their teachings. The campaign
to litigation comes at the tail end of their harassment. This creates
a vehicle to get at him and will be used by them to further discredit
and disparage."

In response to questions from another creditor - his brother James
Atack - Mr Atack said: "I have been approached by the cult to buy my
silence. No specific amount of money but offers of payments. Offers to
end all litigation and any costs."

The accounts of Mr Atack's company Theta Communications were

Mr Ryan appealed for the case to be thrown out, describing it as a
"farce", but Mr Critchley said he had other matters he wished to quiz
Mr Atack about.

The case was adjourned until July.

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