Scientology in the UK Media: 2001

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"That is when it suddenly hit me: Andrew was seeing people from the Scientologists. I did something I'm not happy to admit, but it confirmed our worst fears. Andrew was planning to go to New Zealand for four months and had saved £1,500. I went through his papers and discovered receipts from the Scientologists for £1,200."
-parent of a scientologist, quoted in The Times

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Evening Standard (London) 08/Feb/2001 Scientology - help or hindrance?An experience of recruitment at the Tottenham Court Road shop
Daily Telegraph 10/Feb/2001 Geoff Hurst launches Scientology E-meterThe opening of the two-week exhibition in London
The Times 13/Feb/2001 Been there, done that: Scientology A tale of one family's encounter with Scientology
Daily Mail 17/Feb/2001 Nicole's NightmareLengthy interview with ex-member Astra Woodcraft about the treatment of children and how members treat their family
The Guardian 01/Mar/2001 Net News: Spot the difference Narconon plagiarises the drug advice site Urban75
Kent and Sussex Courier ??/Mar/2001 Armed robber stole to pay for drug treatmentHeroin addict claims Narconon was effective, but is still an addict
Wired magazine 17/Mar/2001 Xenu Do, But Not on Slashdot Geek news site Slashdot deletes a reader's comment under pressure from Scientology
Sunday Telegraph 18/Mar/2001 Cruise loses faith Rumour that Tom Cruise had severed links with Scientology
Metro 19/Mar/2001 Cruise dumps Scientology
Daily Telegraph 23/Mar/2001 A church for celebrities, but what about me?A reporter tries out the personality test
Metro 11/Apr/2001 [News item on faith schools]
The Register (online) 19/May/2001 Online Scientology critic seeks political asylum Keith Henson accused of "terrorism" after remarks made online
The Register (online) 30/May/2001 Online Scientology critic jailed in Canada Keith Henson arrested after misleading tip-off
The Mirror 14/Jun/2001 Tom Cruise Sect Preys On Drugs Prisoners Criminon's attempt to provide drug treatment programmes in British prisons
Evening Mail (Birmingham) 17/Aug/2001 Church attacks Scientology 'cult' Church of England leaders in Birmingham attack Scientology adverts
People Management 28/Aug/2009 Psychometric tests: A hidden link to the Church of ScientologySilhouet UK revealed as part of WISE (v.7, n.17, page 6)
Daily Mail 28/Aug/2009 Alarm Over Staff Tests Linked To ScientologySilhouet UK's use of L. Ron Hubbard material
Evening Standard (London) 31/Aug/2001 Mayor Bans Scientology Rally A rally in Trafalgar Square to promote Narconon is prohibited by Ken Livingstone
This Is Gloucestershire 15/Oct/2001 Scientology link denied by group Narconon denies being a front for Scientology when trying to buy a building

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