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Cruise loses faith

The Sunday Telegraph (England), March 18, 2001

From ahein.news@xs4all.nl Mon Mar 19 10:24:12 GMT 2001

There is an intriguing development in the break-up of the marriage of Tom Cruise and the titian-haired temptress Nicole Kidman. Mandrake can reveal that Cruise's long-term love affair with the Church of Scientology is now over too.

It was Tom's mental and financial commitment to the Scientologists which was said to have increasingly annoyed Nicole, who herself became disenchanted with the movement and returned to the Catholic church last year. Besides John Travolta, Cruise was one of its most celebrated devotees.

However the Scientologists (whose founder, the science-fiction writer L Ron Hubbard claimed to have visited Heaven twice) will now have to do without toothsome Tom. "He has ended his association with the Church for personal reasons," I'm told. "He has given them millions of dollars in the past and he has now made a further very generous donation to end his association with goodwill."

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