Scientology in the UK Media: 1994

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"It is a grave mistake to allow these people to operate in this country where they are a grave danger to the young and vulnerable. I'm appalled by the barbaric behaviour of this cult."
-Dr Lewis Moonie, MP, quoted in the Scottish Sunday Mail

This symbol *** indicates articles I particularly recommend. For general critical information on Scientology, see Operation Clambake.

Independent 21/Jan/1994 Teacher is jailed for sex offences A non-scientologist teacher at a Scientologist-run school is jailed for molesting teenage pupils
East Grinstead Observer 25/Jan/1994 Evil Sex Pervert sent to Prison
Independent 31/Jan/1994 *** Prisoners of Saint Hill How scientology deals with its members going psychotic.
East Grinstead Courier 02/Feb/1994 We've been gagged say Scientologists
East Grinstead Observer 02/Mar/1994 Cult Group hit by Television Ban
East Grinstead Observer 02/Mar/1994 Duo vow to expose 'evil cult' Scott and Lawley's battle for the NOTS documents
East Grinstead Courier 04/Mar/1994 Ex-Scientologists to 'expose' cult Scott and Lawley's favourable judgement against the cult for possession of the NOTS
East Grinstead Courier 18/Mar/1994 Scientologists picket house Author Jon Atack's house is picketed by Scientologists
East Grinstead Observer 23/Mar/1994 Cult picket man's home More about the harassment of Jon Atack
Evening Argus (Brighton) 28/Mar/1994 *** Secrets of Saint Hill
Evening Argus (Brighton) 29/Mar/1994 *** Just the worst two years of my life
Evening Argus (Brighton) 30/Mar/1994 *** How a Church aimed to sell itself
Sunday Times 03/Apr/1994 *** Cult accused of intimidation Describes Eugene Ingram's 1994 visit to Britain and his targetting of several Scientology opponents.
Chichester Observer 07/Apr/1994 Cult Using Gestapo Tactics Says Woman Scientology's alleged harassment of solicitor Beverley Ryall.
Evening Argus (Brighton) 12/Apr/1994 *** Victims who are Fair Game The harassment of John Atack
Daily Mirror 13/Apr/1994 Tom Cruise and the weird cult stripped bare Quotes from Andre Tabayoyon's affidavit
East Grinstead Courier 15/Apr/1994 Escape route from Scientology 'has never been busier' Bonnie Woods reports that many are leaving after media exposure
Daily Telegraph 18/Apr/1994 Peer urges cult speakers to quit Lord McNair's attack on an anti-cult conference.
Bristol Journal 29/Apr/1994 "Brainwashed" Bristol man to sue cult for over UKP10,000 Martin Francis, an ex-scientologist, tells his story of involvement as he sues for a refund.
Independent 31/May/1994 Storm over cult's alcoholic patient Tower Hamlets Council cuts off funding to a Narconon patient after realising the group's Scientology connection.
Sunday Mail (Scotland) 05/June/1994 *** My Girl's Cult Hell/Caught in the Cult's Web A disconnection and evidence of the use of RPF
Evening Argus (Brighton) 10/Jun/1994 *** The Missing Word Article about Greenfields School and its concealed links to Scientology
Evening Argus (Brighton) 10/Jun/1994 Page One Opinion Editorial about Scientology's attempts to stifle investigation of Greenfields School
Evening Argus (Brighton) 13/Jun/1994 *** Secret of a drugs 'cure' Comprehensive exposé of Narconon, its connection to Scientology and its dangers
Sunday Mail (Scotland) 19/Jun/1994 Cult targets Mentally Ill
East Grinstead Observer 29/Jun/1994 "Evil cult stole my brother!" About the Phelan family.
Evening Argus (Brighton) 01/Aug/1994 Press watchdog backs Argus The result of Scientology's complaint to the Press Complaints Commission about Paul Bracchi's series of expose articles earlier in the year.
Guardian 21/Sep/1994 Behind the babble; Church or cult?
Sussex Express 30/Sep/1994 Hitch hits cult plans
New Woman 01/Dec/1994 "I was in a cult"
Edinburgh Evening News 08/Dec/1994 YTS girls sent on cult course
Glasgow Herald 09/Dec/1994 Inquiry into Trainees placed on Cult Courses
Independent 16/Dec/1994 I am the way, the truth and the lifestyle Review of the TV programme "Why East Grinstead?"