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Evening Argus, Friday June 10 1994, companion piece to "The Missing Word"

You've got to hand it to the Scientologists ... they've certainly got a cheek. Two months ago when we published a hard-hitting investigation into the cult's activities they insisted they were simply a religion like any other.

After all, they call themselves the Church of Scientology and they never let anyone forget it, unless, of course, it suits them to do otherwise.

Greenfields private school in Forest Row is shy about revealing its links with the cult, and from from taking pride in its connections with the Church of Scientology, it boasts that it has no religious affiliations and welcomes pupils from any denomination.

And when the school heard that we were planning a story about Greenfields and its background, its solicitors tried to warn us off.

We have chosen to ignore that warning because we believe everyone should know that if they send their children to this establishment they will be rubbing shoulders with followers of a cult that has been branded corrupt sinister and dangerous by a High Court Judge.

[signature: Chris Fowler] editor

[Images of two Evening Argus front pages from earlier in the year: "Secrets of Saint Hill" (28 March 1994) and "The Cult and a Private Eye" (12 April 1994)]

This is how the Evening Argus first exposed the activities of the Church of Scientology more than two months ago. Our investigation revealed how the cult:

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