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Evil Sex Pervert sent to Prison

Scientology Teacher molested Schoolboys

The East Grinstead Observer, 25 January 1994

A pervert teacher at the Scientologists Greenfield School in Forest Row who sexually assaulted young boys has been jailed for five years.

Mark Kent, 32, of Lewes Road, Forest Row, molested six teenage schoolboys over a period of seven years and took filthy videos of himself in sex acts with his young victims. Hove Crown Court heard Kent was found to have a videotape shooting scenes from the cult school's fete, interspersed with sickening footage of himself and young boys, and covert filming of naked schoolchildren showering.

Sentencing him Judge Gower QC said: "The boys and parents put their trust in you. You betrayed it for the gratification of your own perverted lust."

Kent admitted six charges of indecent assault and one charge of indecent video, asking for two similar charges to be taken into consideration.

Richard Cherrill, defending, said: "This is a very sad and anxious case from many points of view.

"Mark had been teaching at the school for about ten years, and nothing untoward occurred for the first five or so years."


"The boys were his life. He worshipped them and spent money on them and that was not to corrupt them. The boys loved and trusted him.

"He is thoroughly remorseful and one hopes and trusts that with certain help there is a minimal chance of it recurring.

"The boys are still very fond of him and anxious about his future."

Mr Cherrill added that there was a "flame of hope" for his future because he was now engaged to a woman, Inga Naurus, who he had met before being arrested by the police. She told the court: "There is no chance of anything like this happening again. I know him very well he is blaming himself very deeply."

Miss Naurus, of Benchwood Close, East Grinstead, added: "I visit him in prison regularly, and we have lots of talks, and he is feeling really guilty. We want to get married and have lots of children."

Sentencing Kent to a five year jail term Judge Gower said:

"The fact of the matter is when this case is stripped of all the language that can be used about it, the bare fact is that you were in a position of trust and over a period you betrayed that trust."

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