Scientology in the UK Media: 1999

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"'It has been horrific. I had to learn to live with a level of harassment most people would find intolerable.'"
Bonnie Woods, victim of a hate campaign organised by Scientology

This symbol *** indicates articles I particularly recommend. For general critical information on Scientology, see Operation Clambake.

Private Eye 28/May/1999 BBC World TV channel cancels Scientology adverts after complaints
Daily Mail 1/Jun/1999 50 facts you are allowed to know about Tom & Nicole... and 50 you're notCelebrity gossip about Cruise and Kidman
Reuters 8/Jun/1999 UK Scientologists pay damages to former memberNewswire item about Bonnie Woods
The Guardian 9/Jun/1999 Scientologists pay for libelBonnie Woods victory in the High Court
Daily Mail 9/Jun/1999 Cult pays £155,000 over hate campaignBonnie Woods' victory in the High Court
The Express 9/Jun/1999 My victory joy after six year battle with cultInterview with Bonnie Woods
The Independent 22/Jun/1999 Going 10 rounds with GoliathAllen & Overy lawyer writes about the Bonnie Woods case
The Independent 11/Jul/1999 Cult to launch TV ad blitz on UK
Sunday Times 11/Jul/1999 (Item about Variety cancelling an article about Scientology)
BBC News web site 12/Jul/1999 e-cyclopedia article: Cult or religion: What's the difference?
Sunday Times 18/Jul/1999 Enemy of the People: Tom Cruise
The Express 22/Jul/1999 How I was reduced to black despair by 'caring' church's personality test First-person account of some sales techniques
Daily Telegraph 29/Jul/1999 Technoturkey: Patent failure to to exploit invention ("Connected" section)An alleged lapse in the patent for the E-meter
Daily Telegraph 19/Aug/1999 (Letter to the editor)Graeme Wilson responds to claims about E-meter patent
Evening Argus (Brighton) 6/Sep/1999 Stately home tour that has a hidden agendaTour of Saint Hill used as Scientology PR exercise
BBC World Service7/Sep/1999 Short item about Marseille trial
Daily Telegraph 9/Sep/1999 Scientology case papers destroyedShort item about disappearing evidence
BBC News9/Sep/1999 Scientology faces French banOn web site, not sure if used on television
The Guardian 9/Sep/1999 Files destroyed in Scientology caseDisappearance of some trial evidence explained
The Times 11/Sep/1999 Weekend Games: WWWReview of some Scientology-related web sites
The Observer 19/Sep/1999 (Comment by Richard Ingrams on Scientology) Talks about TV adverts and calls LRH "one of this century's greatest-ever rogues"
BBC News 20/Sep/1999 Scientology trial opens in Franceweb site news item
The Guardian 21/Sep/1999 French fraud case puts Scientology in the dock Start of the Marseille trial
The Express 21/Sep/1999 Mystery of sect 'swindlers' and the court's shredded evidence Report from France
Daily Telegraph 21/Sep/1999 *** Scientologists on trial for fraud, violence and quackeryMajor trials in France
Sunday Times 21/Sep/1999 Church fraud chargesbrief news item
BBC Radio 4 21/Sept/1999 Today programmeFour minute item: 3 tonnes of evidence against Scientologists disappears in Marseille trial
The Independent 24/Sept/1999 Travolta Flies Out To Dodge Trial QuestionsTravolta avoids involvement in Marseille trial
Varsity (Cambridge Uni.) 21/Oct/1999 Cults: for and againstReport from a student debate with guest speakers
The Guardian 16/Nov/1999 Scientology leader jailed for fraudXavier Delamare sent to prison by Marseille court
The Times 16/Nov/1999 Former cult chief jailed for fraud Xavier Delamare and four others convicted
Evening Argus (Brighton) 10/Dec/1999 Scientology bid to be a charity is thrown outCharity Commission rejects charity bid
The Guardian 10/Dec/1999 Sect loses battle to become a charityCharity Commission declare after 3-year investigation
Daily Telegraph 10/Dec/1999 Scientology not religion, says Charity CommissionScientology declared not a religion under English charity law
The Independent 10/Dec/1999 Scientologists are refused charitable statusScientology fails to show public benefit
The Times 10/Dec/1999 Church 'fails test' for charity statusScientology fails to show public benefit
The Observer 19/Dec/1999 Letters to the Editor: Hubbard loveComplaint from Scientology spokesman Graeme Wilson
Daily Express 28/Dec/1999 Scientology not religion, says Charity CommissionPreview of "Battlefield Earth"