Scientology in the UK Media: 2010

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"Psychopath, conman, liar, fantasist, fraudster, bully, tax evader, megalomaniac - it's fair to say L Ron Hubbard's death was a blow to global humanitarianism."
-Marina Hyde on The Guardian's blog

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Guardian "Lost in Showbiz" blog 22/Jan/2010 Don't panic Haiti, the Scientologists are coming!Comment by Marina Hyde
The Guardian 26/Jan/2010 John Travolta flies Scientologists' aid to HaitiActor flies Volunteer Ministers to the earthquake aftermath
The Register 27/Jan/2010 Second US man admits DDoS attack on ScientologyAnother member of Anonymous goes on trial
The Scotsman 27/Jan/2010 John Travolta flies own plane to Haiti, laden with supplies and Scientology 'healers'

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