Scientology in the UK Media: 1998

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"Woods was living communally in Los Angeles with other scientologists and working 70 hours a week for the church when she was diagnosed with endometriosis. Her condition required major surgery. [H]er working environment at the scientology headquarters and the church's strict diet of rice and beans might have brought on her illness."
-from the article on Bonnie Woods in the American

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Channel 5 (TV) Broadcast date unknown The people versus Gerry Sadowitz Comedian/magician Sadowitz hosts Church of Scientology spokesman Graeme Wilson in a hostile interview in which Wilson promotes the Purification Rundown
Times 01/Jan/1998 Scientology regained tax perk in $12m deal Report on the secret deal between Scientology and the IRS.
The Big Question (BBC 1) 25/Jan/1998 John Travolta interview Mark Lawson interviews John Travolta about his beliefs.
Daily Mirror (Irish edition) 20/Feb/1998 Church Targets Rapists Criminon in Irish jails
American 06/Mar/1998 Scientology's Campaign of Hate, by 'Cult Busters' Bonnie and Richard Woods describe their experience as Scientology members and as exit counsellors.
Evening News (Edinburgh) 06/Mar/1998 Hundreds Sign Up for Cult Church An alleged upsurge in Scientology membership in Scotland.
Daily Mirror (Irish edition) 27/Mar/1998 Church hits at jail claim Scientology responds to the earlier story about Criminon
Guardian 27/Mar/1998 The joy of sects Commentary on celebrity fads, including Scientology.
Times 30/Mar/1998 Diary: Oh, lord Short note mentioning Lord McNair's enthusiasm for Scientology.
Computer Consultant 01/May/1998 Spam, spam, unlovely spam A report on Scientology's use of mass-produced "personal" pages to divert web users to their site.
East Grinstead Courier 14/May/1998 Protesters picket at cult's HQ About the internet-organised picket of Saint Hill Manor and the Dianetics bookshop. Some of the picketers are quoted.
Independent 24/Jun/1998 Scientology anger over book ruling Notes the Scientologists' angry response to the public availability of the NOTS in Sweden.
Mail on Sunday 26/Jul/1998 Mail Diary: Cult figures in football chief's books Nigel Dempster column alleges links between tycoon John Madejski and Scientology.
World Entertainment News Network 03/Aug/1998 Jehovah's Witnesses Express Concerns Over Geri The tug of war between Scientology and the Jehovah's Witnesses for the allegiance of ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell.
Daily Mail 03/Aug/1998 Geri turns to 'bible' of Scientology for a new chapter in her life Ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell tries out Scientology. Paul Bracchi's article sums up many alleged dangers of Scientology.
Mail on Sunday 09/Aug/1998 Letter from Graeme Wilson The Scientology public relations director criticizes Nigel Dempster's column on the cult.
Independent 15/Aug/1998 Spirit of the Age: Signing up for scientology Paul Vallely introduces the controversy and talks to some Scientologists in London and Saint Hill.
Independent 25/Aug/1998 Right of Reply A Scientology spokesman responds to the recent article by Paul Vallely
Courier and Advertiser (Dundee, Scotland) 08/Sep/1998 Arbroath man suing Church of Scientology David Creswell sues for "undue influence" and deceptive recruitment
Observer 25/Oct/1998 [TV Listings] Review of the "For the Love of Faith" programme (see separate entry).
For the Love of Faith (Channel 4) 30/Oct/1998 ...Scientology Jon Ronson hosts a group of six scientologists who describe the benefits of their membership.
Times 09/Nov/1998 French justice in Scientology row Allegations of interference by the cult in the working of the justice department in France.
Daily Telegraph 17/Nov/1998 Scientologists to face trial after woman diesAbout the death of Lisa McPherson
Guardian 23/Nov/1998 Death in the Sunshine State About the death of Lisa McPherson.
Daily Mirror 26/Dec/1998 How we escaped the clutches of a cult An account by Gary Fry of his conversion and eventual escape from Scientology.