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Jehovah's Witnesses Express Concerns Over Geri

World Entertainment News Network, 3 August 1998

WENN correspondent KEVIN LEWIN in London LATEST: Elders in Britain's
Jehovah's Witness movement are urging GERI HALLIWELL to think twice
before turning her back on them to become a Scientologist.

The former SPICE GIRL, who was raised a Jehovah's Witness by her mum
ANNA MARIE, has been spotted recently reading up on Scientology - the
religion which includes TOM CRUISE and JOHN TRAVOLTA amongst its flock
- during a break in Beverly Hills.

But Jehovah's Witness spokesman ROBIN WILLIAMS hopes Halliwell knows
what she's doing.  The London-based elder says, "Everyone has a right
to make their own mind up but we are anxious that people who make
these big decisions do so after serious consideration."

And leading British Scientologists are also urging Geri to think
twice.  Press officer GRAEME WILSON says, "There is a rule that you
have to find out about Scientology for yourself. We need to
know that people have discovered Scientology works for them.

"Geri's religious background is irrelevant - in fact she can maintain
her original faith if she becomes a Scientologist, but she must have
carried out her studies." (KL/WN/KL)

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