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You broke my heart, says dad

THE devoted father of Scientology girl Kathleen Wilson last night broke
his silence to say: "She has broken my heart." Retired bricklayer Ray
Wilson celebrated his 75th birthday alone last week. 

He said: "The best gift would have been to see Kathleen back home." BUT he
did not even get a card or phone call from the daughter who used to cling
to his every word. 

Ray - who split with Kathleen's mum Margaret when his daughter was 11 -
has only seen his daughter twice since she signed up with the
Scientologists four years ago. 

He revealed: "It breaks my heart to think of her hundreds of miles away
from home, living in that Scientology castle. I am very worried about her.

"I don't understand her any more. She writes to me but doesn't say very
much. It's odd. And every time I ring, I'm told she's not there."

Ray, of Brotton, Cleveland, treasures his album full of pictures of
Kathleen on happy family holidays but said: "She is my only daughter and
she has disappointed me."

MEANWHILE mum Margaret, a Catholic, is left regretting not sending her
daughter to church more often. 

She said: "Sometimes I just cry myself to sleep at night." 

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