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Making a FUSS over Scientology

Evening Echo, Bournemouth Thursday 13 July 1995

[Photo of five protestors with leaflets. Caption: Anti-Scientology campaigners led by Alex Cunningham (left) target Poole, home to the UK's largest mission.]

Families seeking to shed light on the controversial Church of Scientology took to the streets with a leaflet campaign.

The new support group, called Families Under Scientology Stress, targeted the town because it is home to the UK's biggest Scientology Mission. FUSS campaigners are calling on the Government for clarification, education and regulation of the organisation which boasts a worldwide membership of eight million.

Campainger and retired scientist Alex Cunningham, 61 from Hythe, said "My son gave UKP650 to the Church of Scientology after being recruited in Poole. "He was a member for four months and it was a difficult time because he detached himself.

"He got his money back through the small claims court and now I talk to other young people who want to know about what we've been through."

The 40-strong group, based in London, publicised ITV's The Big Story - a programme about Scientology scheduled to go on air tonight. Lawyers for Carlton TV were today attempting to overturn a summons issued by the Church of Scientology.

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