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More 4 News on Tom Cruise video leak

More 4 News, More 4 16 January 2008  2'45" item

[Note: More 4 is a UK national free-to-air digital TV channel, a sister to Channel 4. "More 4 News" is its evening half-hour news programme.]

[Kylie Morris, programme host]: Now, when an organisation has a celebrity supporter, they're usually keen for that person to be seen wherever possible. Not so, however, with Scientology and its most famous convert, Tom Cruise. A leaked video shows Cruise in fervent mood, but you'll have to be quick to catch it: the Church of Scientology has ordered it to be pulled down from numerous web sites. Nicholas Glass reports.

[NG voice over as we see bits of the video] A short video that offers an insight, if one were needed, into the mind of Tom Cruise: film star and Scientologist. The soundtrack is from "Mission Impossible".
[extracts from video]
[We now see NG reading Gawker online at his desk.]
The nine minute video popped up on the internet yesterday on YouTube. Someone seems to have objected and it was removed, but it has since popped up again. It has also appeared on a gossip web site called Gawker.

The video is apparently four years old: pre-fatherhood, pre-third marriage.
[more extracts from video]
Cruise sometimes speaks in acronyms - intelligible to Scientologists. SP apparently means a "Suppressive Person": someone who suppresses others.
[We see relevant bit of the video]
The video seems to be an in-house testimonial for Cruise's work for the Church of Scientology. He's honoured with a medal.
[We see the text from the video: "Tom Cruise IAS Freedom Medal of Valor Winner"]
[The "rough and tumble" extract from the video]

In his next film, trailed on the internet, Tom Cruise plays a good Nazi with a fetching eye-patch. With Kenneth Brannagh, Terence Stamp and Eddie Izzard, he tries to assassinate a Suppressive Person: Hitler.

[We see extracts from the film's trailer.]

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