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Letter of the day: Would I get a starring role in this religion?

Daily Express, 16 May 2007, p. 46

THE BBC's Panorama programme on Scientology left me totally mystified.

I have never seen a representative of any religion ever behave so aggressively towards anyone questioning their beliefs. They are usually keen to press their cause to entice you to them. But there was such aggression. Where was the love for one's fellow man?

Recently, I was feeling desolate about life and decided to find out more about Scientology, as many stars seemed keen to say how it had helped them and I was desperate to find out what it could do for me. I searched the internet and was asked to do a personality test (usually $200 but 'free' for me). I was then told my nearest church would get in touch soon to see if the church was for me.

I have heard nothing since. I wonder if this is because I have no job, house or money? Now, if I was a film star...

Miriam Isaacs,
Havant, Hants

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