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Protest Against Scientologists

The Daily Echo, TUESDAY APRIL 15, 1997 -- P7. Central 3 (of 5) columns. this is the local paper for about five major cities on the south coast
Transcribed and posted to alt.religion.scientology by Dave Bird dave@xemu.demon.co.uk Thu Apr 17 19:40:09 BST 1997

by Andy Nichols

[3 column B/W photo: Roland Rashleigh-Berry on left with leaflets. Dave bird centre and back with songsheet and megaphone. Placard held up: "Say no to Scientology: WE SHALL REMEMBER PATRICE VIC.... WILL SCIENTOLOGY REMEMBER?"
caption: STREET PROTEST: Demonstrators against Scientology in Poole High Street] [Left side of page, photo: picketers head & placard: "Say no to Scn! WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO:- Lisa MacPherson, Richard Collins, Noah Lottick...?"
caption: PLACARDS: protesters make their point ]

A DOZEN or so protesters got their point across to Scientologists in Poole as they held a "lightning" demonstration outside the organisation's largest "mission".

The unexpected picketing by activists took place in the High Street during a busy shopping day.

Two of the demonstrators also took signatures for their petition asking Poole Council for better regulation of canvassers.

There have been a number of complaints about Scientologists canvassing people in the High Street.

The protesters gained 150 signatures in two hours and faxed the sheets to the council yesterday morning.

Dave Bird for the protesters said:"if canvassers are from an organisation, they should have the name of the organisation, or at least what they are canvassing for, on their leaflets or clipboards, worn as badges or T-sirts, &c, when they make their pitch to you.

"If their promotion involves selling something they should describe what it is &how much it costs"

He added: "The protest was excellent. It was part of a surprise operation.

The last protest held in Poole was 3 or 4 years ago. We will be holding more in the future."

Poole Council has already discussed plans to set up a working party to clamp down on the activities of Scientologists.

A spokesman for the Scientologists was unavailable for comment.

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