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WALES ON SUNDAY, 26 October 1997

Screen stars in cult concert

A HOST of Hollywood superstars are backing a charity gala concert being
given by the controversial Church of Scientology today.

Patriot Games star Anne Archer will be master of ceremonies at the event
held at the church's UK headquarters near East Grinstead, West Sussex.

Messages of support from celebrity Scientologists Tom Cruise, wife
Nicole Kidman, John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston will be read out.

Tom Cruise, who first became involved with the church when he was
offered help by them as a young dyslexic, is one of eight million
members worldwide. There are 100,000 devotees in Britain.

Three charities will share 20,000 in proceeds from the event featuring
Isaac Hayes - the man who wrote the music for the cult Shaft series of

Travolta and his wife will pay tribute to the church's founder L Ron

His message will say: "Mr Hubbard is a man who has meant so much to both
of us and we are very happy you have the opportunity to visit the Church
there in England."

Hubbard, who died in 1986, was investigated by journalists and his
beliefs condemned by several established churches during his life.

Relatives of some Scientology members have blamed the cult for breaking
up their families and brainwashing them, although the church strenuously
denies such claims.

Hubbard believed that people are temporary vessels for immortal souls
called Thetans who can become "operating Thetans" by confronting painful
memories and exorcising them.

Proceeds from the event will be presented to the Royal National Lifeboat
Institution, the church's drugs rehabilitation programme Narconon and
The Youth Trust, a UK drug prevention organisation.

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