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Scientology Disconnections in the UK


Disconnection is a Scientology policy abased on the idea that you cannot progress spiritually while in communication with someone who is "Suppressive" (i.e. opposed to Scientology). Hence members are required to break off communication with family or friends if they criticise the member's involvement, and if they cannot be persuaded to silence their criticism.

Members send "disconnection letters" to the friend or family member to state that no more communication will take place. It's understandably extremely distressing to receive these letters.

For more instances of Disconnection, see ScientologyDisconnection.com and Mike Gormez's Scientology Disconnection policy at work


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Official Documents

Justice Latey reported "Very many examples [of Disconnection] have been given and proved in evidence," and quoted two examples of Disconnection letters, one a man disconnecting from his fiancée; another a man disconnecting from a friend and business partner.

Media Coverage

Woman magazine 10/Jun/2007 Scientology ruled my lifeFirst-hand account from Bonnie Woods
Daily Mail 19/May/2007 Tom Cruise's Church of hate tried to destroy me Example of a daughter threatening disconnection to stop her parents from question her involvement in Scientology
Sunday Times 07/Jan/2007 Revealed: how Scientologists infiltrated Britain's schoolsIdea of family or friends being "suppressive" is promoted to an undercover journalist
Observer 09/Apr/2006 Inside Scientology Lengthy undercover investigation reprinted from Rolling Stone
Daily Mail 29/May/1995 Our little boy lost: Grandparents in Legal Battle for the right to see two-year-old Sam
Kent Today 20/May/1995 Talk to me, plea by cult girl's mum An alleged disconnection
Sunday Mail (Scotland) 05/Jun/1994 My Girl's Cult Hell/Caught in the Cult's Web A couple report being disconnected from their young daughter for three years
TVS (Regional TV)?/Nov/1987Facing South: Scientology, the Cult BusinessBroadcast date unknown: a documentary covering many aspects of Scientology and Hubbard's life
Mail on Sunday 29/Jul/1984The Hubbard YouthDisconnections being part of life in the Scientology compound
East Grinstead Courier 16/Feb/1984Buy-out bid for sect HQThe AFINITIES splinter-group and disconnection
Daily Mail 11/Feb/1984'We disconnect you'Examples of the disconnection policy at work
East Grinstead Courier 02/Feb/1984Sect row over policyTen Scientologists leave over disconnection policy
Daily Mail 22/Aug/1966Minister is asked to investigate... The case of the processed woman Karen Henslow, a mentally ill woman, is told to "love death" and encouraged to disconnect from family and friends

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