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Astra Woodcraft Speaks (Video)

In this daytime TV interview from October 2005, Astra Woodcraft (former Scientologist and a founder of Ex-Scientology Kids) speaks about her experiences. Janet Laveau responds on behalf of Scientology.

In a Channel 4 webchat, Richard and Judy were asked about the interview:

LRonHubbard : why weren't you a lot harder on that scientology woman?
Darth_yoda : Richard and judy would you be happy if any of your children became interested in scientology?
suzi puzi : hello.. what is your personal opinion on scientology?

Richard : Neither of us particularly believes in beating up interviewees who may have something to hide. It's up to all of you to judge but hopefully the way we questioned her, rather than expressing our own views, we revealed in a more subtle way the inconsistencies in the religion. If either of our children were to want to become scientologists we'd strain every sinew to stop them, we think it's a very dubious religion, if you can even call it that.

XENU TV has a lengthy video interview with Astra

Astra Woodcraft is also interviewed in these press articles:

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