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Secret Lives: L. Ron Hubbard (Video)

This 50-minute biography was first shown on Channel 4 (British terrestrial channel) on 19 November 1997. The team who made the programme claimed that they were subject to harassment from private investigators employed by the Church of Scientology. Complaints to head of Channel 4 and to the Independent television Commission were also used, including a personal plea from John Travolta, in an attempt to stop the programme being shown.

YouTube clips are below; the documentary is also available on Google Video and as a (transcript on XenuTV). Thanks to jihadlovestoyota for uploading the video to YouTube.

Part 1

LRH's status within Scientology as the greatest guru in the cosmos; childhood; first wife Polly; writing career; out-of-body experience; Excalibur; "smashing my name into history"

Part 2

claims of self-healing while in the navy; hypnosis; publication of Dianetics; failure of the "first clear"; affair with Barbara Kaye; bigamous marriage to second wife Sara; divorce from Sara and claims of torture; rejection by Barbara Kaye; marriage to Mary Sue; "I did not have a second wife"; Scientology: A History of Man

Part 3

use of amphetamines for "research"; move to London; promises of god-like powers; formation of the Church; move to Saint Hill, East Grinstead; the E-meter; ambitions for a Scientology dictatorship; Rhodesia; Disconnection policy; UK Government enquiry

Part 4

Formation of the Sea Org; Commodore's Messengers (young female personal servants of LRH); ethics and "lower conditions"; punishment of a 4 year old boy in the chain locker; "Mission into Time" (treasure hunt); OT levels and Xenu; overboarding;

Part 5

French trial for fraud; Operation Snow White; RPF (punishment camps); Quentin Hubbard; punishment and eventual suicide of Quentin; "Operation Goldmine" (takeover of Clearwater, Florida); income of half a million dollars per week

Part 6

LRH filming in California; LRH's phobias; FBI raids and discovery of Operation Snow White; LRH's death on the run; L. Ron Hubbard Way in Hollwood

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