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Video: Protests in the UK, March 2008

The second wave of global protests came on 15th March 2008, under the name "Party Hard". Despite some very wet weather, an estimated 1400 people took part across the country: this is much more than in February.

From the UK protests alone, dozens of videos have been put on YouTube. Here is a personal selection.

London: at least 700 protestors!

Video by Shahate from news.guardianpublications.com

Blog post and photos by Tanya N.
Blog post and photos by James Bardolph

Manchester: 200 protestors

Edinburgh: 130 protestors

Birmingham: around 130 protestors


Vicky Boyce and other Scientologists harass MS sufferer Stu Wyatt

Photos by Anonymouse35

Sunderland: 15 protestors

York: more than 30 protestors

Belfast: 23 protestors

Brighton: 7 protestors

Picture set by AnonyMightyMouse

Poole: 4 protestors

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