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Video introductions to Scientology practices

Handling Suppressive Persons

One of the Scientology courses is "SP/PTS Handling", meaning handling Suppressive Persons and Potential Trouble Sources- i.e. opponents of Scientology. It tells followers that the people who attack Scientology are criminals, and that members should investigate their crimes rather than answering criticism of Scientology.

Here, Mark Bunker of XenuTV experiences these techniques.

If you are going to protest against the Church of Scientology, be prepared for tactics of this sort. Mark also mentions picketing of his home, part of the "Fair Game" policy.

Disconnecting Families

If you are connected to "Suppressives", e.g. have opponents of Scientology in your family or friends, then you are required to "disconnect" from them. L Ron Hubbard even claimed that medical problems are caused by connection to Suppressive Persons.

Jenna Miscavige, niece of the leader of Scientology, experienced disconnection when she left the group. She speaks in this item from US TV show "Inside Edition":

Jenna also discusses enforced separation from her parents while in the Sea Org.

Personality Test

The official UK government report into Scientology found that the Oxford Capacity Analysis (as the test is called) is fixed. Scientifically meaningless, it almost inevitably finds that you have problems that you need to pay the Church to solve.

This section of an ITV documentary shows how an undercover reporter is told that she has "communication problems" and is sold a course that can allegedly fix them. The course turns out to involve staring at a fixed point, and role-playing simple conversations for hours on end.

Sea Organisation

This is the pseudo-military core of Scientology, where members sign billion-year contracts and go to live in a Scientology compound. Members who disobey are put on Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF). This extract from "Missing in Happy Valley" - a German documentary - explains.

Security Checks and Child imprisonment

Another clip from "Missing in Happy Valley" describes security and "rehabilitation" measures used on children.

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