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Video: Scientology's side of the story

Promoting books and courses

Scientologists are told that nice, social people benefit from the courses and that destructive, anti-social people (SPs and PTSs) do not benefit.

No wonder then that when asked on the spot how they feel from doing their latest courses, members gush with positive but utterly vague testimony like this.

War Against Psychiatry

Scientologists see themselves as locked in a war against evil psychiatrists and psychologists for the future of the human race and Planet Earth. This internal video illustrates the violent terms in which they see those.

The Death of LRH

Rather than being told that their founder died of a stroke with drugs in his bloodstream, Scientologists were told that Hubbard chose to conduct a new level of research entirely outside his body.

The Lisa McPherson case

Addressing an audience of dedicated Scientologists on the Freewinds cruise ship, leader David Miscavige invokes multiple conspiracy theories to explain why the Church attracted negative attention over the death of Lisa McPherson.

Official Endorsements in London

City of London Alderman Ian Luder, Police Superintendent Keith Hurley and UN Peace Envoy Dr. Iftikhar Ayaz speak at the 2006 opening of the new org. Other British media and local government figures are interviewed.

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