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Email responses to my Anti-Scientology sites

I'm not going to include here all the positive feedback I've received. The negative feedback from Scientologists and their supporters is more illuminating about the kind of mentality Scientology encourages.

Some of these emails led to very fruitful correspondance, even the most hostile ones. I just asked them to state what claims on my site they disagreed with and what evidence I should consider.

The headings are my attempt to introduce a bit of levity to this page: I didn't use those sarcastic ripostes in my replies to these people.

Oh no, I failed the test!

Found a piece of your cocksuckin brain.
It didn't pass my test of people who has the ability to judge mankinds wish of the creation of a civilisation.
I'm not one of "them", I'm just lookin from above.
Cool, fifty, fifty fire and ice.
We'll make it anyway, don't you think?
Fuck negative people!

Is this "better world" part of the Galactic Federation?

Hey Dude,

Your article is obviously critical that I see you totally overlook the fact that narconon does work and get people off drugs and enjoying life again. Show me a better solution and I'll will support that. Would you like to see a better world?

I am very interested to hear from you because I far as I can see you are not observing.

(Not actually from my brother)

Dear Martin,

I think you are a wuss, it seems you just follow a certain trend and agreement amongst a group of people that exchange anti-scientology natter like old woman.

Get a life and open your eyes, there is a difference between the world inside your head and that in actuality.

You are opposing the very people who are doing something effective about this planet.

Catch a wake up brother!

Didn't question anything he was told...

I think your attack on scientology, and it really does seem to be an attack, is very uninformed. Just tonight I went to "The Church of Scientology: [location removed]" and I had a very pleasant experience. They had me take the Oxford test and I found the information to be quite accurate of myself. They recommended the courses I should take, they never urged me to take any of the courses immediately or anything of that matter. Furthermore I know over here there is no standing out on the streets and giving people the tests.

They played a movie introduction to scientology for me and it said quite clearly that you did not need to take the courses to be a scientologist, these were Ron L. Hubbards own words as the introduction was done by him. He also stated that scientology is a religion but it is an addition to your current religion. The meaning of religion is "a way of life" and scientology is a way of life therefore it can be classified as a religion if people wanted to classify it as such. Furthermore I don't remember the exact name of the drug rehab institute, if I am able to find it in any of my texts I will sure to e-mail you with it, but they use scientology to rehab their patients and they have the largest success rate in the world.

I am at a loss why there are "Anti Scientology" groups. You would think that scientologists were trying to take over the world. In my own opinion people who are part of anti scientology groups have nothing better to do with their time. If it's not hurting anyone leave it alone.

Now I would appreciate a response to this letter... but please no hate mail.

"you and your friends will look silly"

Hi Martin,

Just had a great idea.

You have a reference to OTIII being such a load of hogwash, about aliens and all.

Ever wondered why people who do this level ever continue with Scientology if it is such rubbish.

Do you believe you have lived before?
Say you didn't and I was to tell you that in auditing you will recall other lifetimes etc. etc.
You would think it is a bunch of hogwash.

Anyway, what I want to say is that I have read you articles and links and see that you are against Scientology, that is fine as it will not end because of the lies that you and a few others are spreading as in the end you have no better solution and people will turn to Scientology as they will eventually discover that it does work and that it is not what some people say it is. It is you and you friends who will look silly when people discover that you have just been forwarding a lie.

So I am going to leave you to your game and am disconnecting from you as there is no point to continuing this discussion. I am going to spend my time getting up the bridge and creating a saner happier world.

Capital letters are more persuasive

LONG LIVE SCIENTOLOGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drivel or Dribble?

I have absolutely no idea what scientology means, displays, preaches, etc.. After reading your website and it's absolute idiocy, it seems to me that anyone outside of your dogma would simply assume scientology is surely more reasonable and logical than the senseless dribble you have been editing!

Stabbing yourself is great too- try it!

Do the course, it's called the purification rundown, then your assessment will change somewhat.

"Go overdose on prozac"

Your information has no basis and is completely irrational. If you actually read about Scientology, then maybe you would actually see what a sane world it would be if there were more Scientologists and less people like you.

Your data makes me sick and so do you. Your fear of different ideas makes me sick.

You are just ignorant and afraid- go overdose on prozac you psychiatrist-loving asshole!

"a religion created to free the soul"

Why would you want to intentionally put down a religion created to free the soul of each man. I am a new Scientologist, and would have to say that I do not know everything that it stands for. What I do know, is that what I have studied so far is completely reasonable and has helped me come into better communications with my peers and myself.

I just want to know what exactly you object to and where you gather your information from.

"a more optimum state of beingness"

ok martin ive only been a scientoligist for 2 years and i cannot begin to tell you what it has done for me when i started on my first couse called "overcoming the ups and downs of life" I was taught to be able to recognize someone who is PTS or a suppressive person if you dont know what either of them means look them up in a scientology technical dictionary.

looking up words is what my next couse was based on it was called "the basic study manual" is stated that the reason you blow off a subject or dont understand what you are reading is because you have a word you dont fully understand or have an incorrect definition for it shows you how to clear up words in dictionarys. ill tell you thart after i started using this study tech my grades improved verry much i went from D and C to a and b it is a great course yiou should try it then i did some other courses which were very informitive but im going to tell you about "the purification rundown" this process was awsome this is when i cognited about how real scientology was it stoped my drug problem and i cannot thankLRH more he is the best it set me into a more optimum state of beingness and right know im doin trs and objectives which so far is an amazing course it is reall cool. well im going to go chat now so email me if you have any questions.

Finally some constructive criticism

I was in Scientology for a number of years, so I know a great deal about it. I'm personally of the opinion that it's not as bad as it's made out to be.

However, what I condemn is the huge amounts of MONEY which are extracted by the Co$ for the courses. They will take your life savings without a second thought. I do wish the anti-Scientology courses would concentrate more on this, and less on what they actually believe. If an adult person wants to believe that God is a turquoise hippopotamus living on Neptune, let them!! The same applies to the OT levels.

People should, however, be made aware in no uncertain terms of the financial cost of going Up The Bridge. This is where the law needs to be a bit tougher, for instance giving people the right to a "cooling-off period" as with double-glazing and timeshares.

A positive message included because it's spot-on

If the Scientologists are correct and their teachings do "free" any of the "Thetan" energies at all (remember these are the guys that play "games" with space-time for fun - matter and energy being junior partners), then even having ONE of them (Thetans) amongst their ranks would make them so powerful that everyone else would be totally helpless and powerless to stand against them.

Your website and those of others, prove that they can be stood against.

If they do not have one amongst them, then the doctrine is in itself useless (because no thetan-like powers have manefested) and no matter how far one "rises" in the study of the Dianetical, scheintological or schweintological (pardon the German pun) heirarchy, the freeing of aforementioned cannot be achieved by their means (again pardon the pun) - quad erat demonstandum. The conclusion therefor is that their claims for ANYBODY personally being able to "free" themselves - even if one accepted the ravings about the ET's - would be bullshit.

The person, by his own claims, that could have come nearest to freeing himself has "dearly" departed. What chance has the rest of the sect got?

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